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Super Robots Giant Monsters

Super Robots and Giant Monsters

CollectionDX, Onell Design and Incubot proudly present:

Super Robots Giant Monsters

A FREE one-day event celebrating the mechanical and the monstrous!

Saturday, March 29, 2014 at Mill No. 5, Lowell Massachusetts

Super Robots and Giant Monsters For 10 years we've done the CollectionDX East Coast Summit - a giant cookout for toy nerds. We'd get together, eat food and talk toys. We'd buy, sell, and trade and have a generally good time. 2013 was the Summit’s biggest year yet and it’s simply gotten too big to be held in some dude's backyard. So now, we've taken the idea of a summit and turned it into a full-fledged event.

At the FREE Super Robots Giant Monsters (SRGM) event, we'll showcase the past, present and future of our favorite toys!

Art Exhibit

Many toy collectors have other talents – some of us are artists, designers, and even toy makers ourselves. At SRGM we’ll have a whole gallery dedicated to original art by a variety of local and national artists. Custom toys, 3D-printed art and traditional 2D art will be on display, some of it available for purchase. If you’re interested in participating in this gallery show, please see our Call for Entries.

Toy Exhibit

Curated by Sanjeev Selvaraj of Brownnoize Productions, this exhibit will showcase both modern and vintage Robot and Monster toys. There's more to this world than just Transformers and Godzilla!


Our vendor area will feature a variety of retailers, collectors, artisans and craftspeople. We aim to have a mix of brick and mortar stores, private collectors, local artists and DIY toy makers. Come spend the day and go home with lots of goodies. Please visit our vendors page for a list of vendors and vendor application.

Special Events

We're working with local businesses to set up some cool events during the day. Stay tuned for details.

The Venue

The great spiral staircase at Mill No.5

Mill No.5 is a renovated textile mill with spaces for technology start-ups, artists, and independent retail. They've been salvaging historic buildings for years, and have recreated a street with New England houses and storefronts from the 1600s, 1700s, and 1800s inside an amazing building. It makes for an amazing event space with an incredibly creative vibe.

Photo by Mikeal St. Ayre

Why Lowell?

Only 40 minutes from Boston by commuter rail or car, Lowell has been a hub for ingenuity and art for years, going back to the birth of the Industrial Revolution. Inspired by Lowell natives such as Jack Kerouac and James McNeil Whistler, Lowell boasts a proud and thriving arts community. There's also a surprisingly dense collection of nerd-related businesses in the area, making Lowell worth the trip not just for this event, but for other cool things. For more info, check out our "other cool things in the Lowell area" page.

How to get there