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Chronicle of Cyber Adventure Web Diver (Dennou Boukenki Webdiver 電脳冒険記ウェブダイバー) Was an animated series consisting of 52 half-hour episoeds that ran from 2001-04-06 to 2002-03-29. It is the sequel to the series Bakuto Sengen Daigander (爆闘宣言ダイガンダー).


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No.sort icon Toy name Year
W-01 Jaguaon 2001
W-02 Sharkon 2001
W-03 Griffion 2001
W-04 Garyun 2001
W-05 Gradion 2001
W-06 Phoenikon 2001
W-07 Kerberion 2001
W-08 Ortorion 2001
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