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Ultraman (ウルトラマン, Urutoraman) is a character featured in tokusatsu (special effects) television programs in Japan. Ultraman, the first and best-known of the "Ultra-Crusaders," made his debut in the tokusatsu SF/kaiju/superhero TV series, Ultraman: A Special Effects Fantasy Series (ウルトラマン 空想特撮シリーズ, Urutoraman: Kūsō Tokusatsu Shirīzu), a follow-up to the television series Ultra Q. The show was produced by Tokyo Broadcasting System and Tsuburaya Productions, and was broadcast on Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) from July 17, 1966 to April 9, 1967, with a total of 39 episodes (40, counting the pre-premiere special that aired on July 10, 1966).

Although Ultraman is the first series to feature an Ultra-Crusader, his is actually the second Ultra Series. Ultra Q was the first. In fact, Ultraman opens with the Ultra Q logo exploding into the Ultraman logo. A major pop culture phenomenon in Japan, the show has spawned dozens of imitators as well as numerous sequels and remakes, which continued to be popular as of early January of 2011.

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Name No.sort icon Type Year
Gerukadon Kaiju, Tokusatsu 1990
King Joe Gokin 1978
Black King Gokin 1978
Gomess Gashapon / Trading Figure, Kaiju, Tokusatsu 2001
Garamon Garamon Gashapon / Trading Figure, Kaiju, Tokusatsu 2001
Icarus Seijin (Hawaii Version) Kaiju 1973
Hipporito-Seijin Kaiju 2005
Ultraman Leo Ultraman Leo Jumbo Machinder, Machinder 1974
Giant Sized Garamon Kaiju, Tokusatsu 2006
Battinger Jumbo Machinder, Kaiju, Machinder 1971
Windam Kaiju, Tokusatsu 1998
Bemustar Kaiju, Tokusatsu
Hayata Character Toy, Figure 2001
Keronia Seijin Kaiju 1999
King Joe Tokusatsu 1978
Sanjeev Custom Giant Sized Garamon (Glow) Custom, Kaiju
King Joe (Black) Kaiju 2007
Baltan Seijin Baltan Seijin Kaiju 1983
Pygmon Pygmon Kaiju 1981
Ultraman Ace Mini Ultraman Ace Mini Character Toy, Tokusatsu 1973
Ultraman Leo Ultraman Leo Character Toy, Tokusatsu 1975
Ultraman Astra Ultraman Astra Character Toy, Tokusatsu 1975
Ultra Seven Mini Ultra Seven Mini Character Toy, Tokusatsu 1971
Ultraman Ultraman Character Toy, Tokusatsu 1966
Ultraman Taro Ultraman Taro Character Toy, Tokusatsu 1974
Baltan Senjin II Baltan Senjin II Gashapon / Trading Figure, Kaiju, Tokusatsu 2007
Pegila Pegila Kaiju 2008
Baltan Baltan Action Figure, Kaiju, Tokusatsu 2005
Armored Glozam Armored Glozam Kaiju, Tokusatsu 2009
Kilazee Kilazee Kaiju, Tokusatsu 1991
Ultraman Belial Ultraman Belial Action Figure, Tokusatsu 2010
Ultra Act Ultraman Mebius Ultra Act Ultraman Mebius Action Figure, Tokusatsu 2010
Ultimate Zero Ultimate Zero Action Figure
Zamsher (Zamusha) Zamsher (Zamusha) Action Figure 2010
Ultraman Tiga Sky Type Ultraman Tiga Sky Type Action Figure, Character Toy, Tamashii, Tokusatsu 2011
Ultraman Tiga Dark Ultraman Tiga Dark Action Figure, Character Toy, Tamashii, Tokusatsu 2011
Alien Magma (Magma Seijin) Alien Magma (Magma Seijin) Action Figure, Kaiju, Tokusatsu 2011
Evil Tiga Evil Tiga Action Figure 2011
Ultra Act Ultraman Ultra Act Ultraman Action Figure, Tokusatsu 2011
Ultraman Ultraman Character Toy, Tokusatsu 2001
Ultraman Jo neus Ultraman Jo neus Character Toy, Tokusatsu 1980
Ultraman Leo Ultraman Leo Action Figure, Tokusatsu 2011
Jean-Bot Jean-Bot Action Figure, Tokusatsu 2011
Ultraman Gaia Ultraman Gaia [V2] Action Figure, Tokusatsu 2011
Mirror Knight Mirror Knight Action Figure, Character Toy, Tokusatsu 2011
Agul V2 Ultraman Agul [V2] Action Figure, Character Toy, Tokusatsu 2011
Eleking Eleking Action Figure, Transforming Toy 2012
Jean-Nine Jean-Nine Character Toy, Tokusatsu 2010
Ultraman Ultraman Character Toy 1999
Kyrieloid Kyrieloid Action Figure, Character Toy, Tokusatsu 2011
Red King Red King Action Figure, Tokusatsu 2013
Ultra Act Ultraman Zero Ultraman Zero (Renewal Version) Action Figure, Character Toy, Tokusatsu 2014
Ultraman Noa Ultraman Noa Action Figure 2014
Mother of Ultra Mother of Ultra Action Figure, Character Toy, Tokusatsu 2013
Father of Ultra Father of Ultra Action Figure 2013
Ultra Mecha Selection 2 Ultra Mecha Selection 2 Tokusatsu, Vehicle 1996
Ultraman Ultra Seven Ultra Seven Action Figure, Tokusatsu 2015
Alien Baltan Tokusatsu 2016
Zetton Zetton Action Figure, Kaiju 2016
Alien Metron Alien Metron Action Figure, Kaiju 2017
DX King Joe Storage Custom DX King Joe Storage Custom Tokusatsu 2020
Ultra Hawk-TDF UH-001 Ultra Hawk-TDF UH-001 03 Gokin, Vehicle 2000
Ultraman Ultraman 04 Action Figure, Gashapon / Trading Figure 2009
Baltan Seijin 1 Kaiju 1995
Ultraman King Ultraman King 11 Character Toy, Tokusatsu 2000
Sevenger Sevenger 121 Character Toy, Kaiju, Tokusatsu 2021
Tyrant 13 Action Figure, Character Toy, Kaiju, Tokusatsu 2004
Garaon Garaon 27 Kaiju
Scylla 31 Kaiju, Tokusatsu 2008
Neronga Neronga 32 Kaiju, Tokusatsu 2008
Melba Melba 33 Kaiju, Tokusatsu 2008
Gatanozoa Gatanozoa 34 Kaiju, Tokusatsu 2008
Geranda Geranda 35 Kaiju, Tokusatsu 2009
Monsargar 36 Action Figure, Character Toy, Kaiju, Tokusatsu 2004
Gigi Gigi 38 Kaiju, Tokusatsu 2008
Chaos Darkness 40 Kaiju, Tokusatsu 2007
Kanegon Kanegon 41 Tokusatsu 2008
Dinosaur Tank Dino Tank 43 Kaiju, Tokusatsu
EX Red King EX Red King 51 Kaiju, Tokusatsu 2008
Twin Tail Twin Tail 53 Kaiju, Tokusatsu 2000
God of Iron Imperizer God of Iron Imperizer 55 Character Toy, Tokusatsu 2008
Seagorath Seagorath 62 Kaiju, Tokusatsu 1992
Mecha Baltan 65 Kaiju, Tokusatsu 1993
Gakuma 86 Kaiju, Tokusatsu 1996
Ultraman Leo 9 Character Toy, Tokusatsu 2004
Kanegon Kanegon 9 Character Toy, Kaiju, Tokusatsu 1991
King Joe GA-94 Gokin, Kaiju, Tokusatsu 1978
King Joe King Joe GX-37 Gokin, Tokusatsu 2007
Shin Hayata Shin Hayata MEDRAH 205 Action Figure, Doll, Tokusatsu 2004
King Joe (Manga Ver) King Joe (Manga Ver) UF-008a Tokusatsu
XIG Fighter SS XIG Fighter SS UX-02 Vehicle 2011
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