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UFO Robot Grendizer

UFO Robot Grendizer

UFO Robot Grendizer (UFOロボ グレンダイザーin Japanese, a.k.a. Grandizer in America, Space Adventures in the Arab World , Goldorak in France and Québec, and Goldrake in Italy and Malta) was a mecha anime show created by legendary Japanese anime artist Go Nagai. It was shown on Japanese TV in 1975 and lasted 74 episodes.

Grendizer is a fictional mecha from the anime and manga series of the same name, created by Go Nagai. Within the story, Grendizer was created by the Vegan Empire and stolen by the Prince of Planet Freed, who piloted it under the guise of the masked warrior Duke Freed. (Wikipedia)

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Name No.sort icon Type Year
UFO Robo Grendizer Machinder, Super Machinder 2004
Grandiger Character Toy 1995
Grandizer Character Toy 2003
Grandizer Character Toy 1994
Grendizer Carnival Machinder, Junior Machinder, Machinder
Grendizer Character Toy, Figure 2006
Grendizer Gokin 2006
Grendizer Grendizer Character Toy
UFO Robo Grendizer UFO Robo Grendizer Jumbo Machinder, Machinder 1975
Goldorak Goldorak Jumbo Machinder, Machinder 1978
Jumbo Spazer Grendizer Spazer Jumbo Machinder, Machinder, Robot Toy, Vehicle 1975
Hydargos Mothership Hydargos Mothership Vehicle 2011
Grendizer Dam Base Grendizer Dam Base Diorama, Vehicle 2011
Baby Gin Gin Baby Gin Gin Custom, Designer Toy, Robot Toy 2011
Grendizer Grendizer Character Toy 2013
Duke Fleed Duke Fleed Character Toy 2013
Grendizer and Spacer USB Flash Drive Grendizer and Spacer USB Flash Drive Character Toy 2013
Solar Saucer Solar Saucer Action Figure, Vehicle 1978
Grendizer Grendizer Action Figure 2013
Spazer Spazer Action Figure 2015
Grendizer Grendizer Gokin 2015
EX Gokin Spazer + TFO Spazer + TFO Gokin 2015
Maria Freed (Dark Color Variant) Maria Freed (Dark Color Variant) Anime Figure 2007
Fantastic UFO X3 Fantastic UFO X3 Character Toy
Grendizer Metaltech Grendizer (Chrome Ver) 01 Action Figure, Gokin 2013
Grendizer: Die Cast Action Figure Pack 01 DX Gokin, Transforming Toy 2011
Giru Giru Giru Giru 02 Gokin 2011
Grendizer Grendizer 02 Gokin, Robot Toy 2012
Duke Fleed's Buggy Duke Fleed's Buggy 03 Gokin 2013
Grendizer Grendizer 085 Action Figure 2010
Grendizer Grendizer 09 Statue 2021
Grendizer Giga Grendizer Giga 3 Action Figure 2016
Grendizer Grendizer BG-40 Gokin 2013
UFO Robo Grendizer GX-04 Gokin 2000
UFO Robo Grandizer (Black version) GX-04B Gokin 2001
GX-76 Grendizer D.C. Grendizer D.C. GX-76 Gokin 2018
TFO PA-60 Gokin, Vehicle 1975
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