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Battle Fever J

Battle Fever J (バトルフィーバーJ, Batoru Fībā Jei) is a Japanese TV series, being the 3rd entry of the Super Sentai series franchise. It was produced by Toei Company and aired on TV Asahi between 1979 and 1980 with a total of 52 episodes. It was Toei’s second co-production with Marvel.

The Rangers have designations named for countries around the world: Battle Japan, Battle France, Battle Cossack (Soviet Union), Battle Kenya and Miss America (United States). It was also the first show to introduce the Super Sentai format, where the heroes must control giant robots to defeat a monster who itself has grown to a gigantic size (or anything similar).

Battle Fever J was the first series to use the term Super Sentai (unlike the previous two who were just called Sentai, without the “Super”). For a long time, Battle Fever J was considered the first entry in the Sentai series until Toei announced in 1994 that Goranger and JAKQ where also part of the Sentai series. (Wikipedia)


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Name No.sort icon Type Year
Battle Fever J Battle Fever J Jumbo Machinder, Machinder 1979
Super Warrior Super Warrior Gokin
UFO: Il Guerriero Dello Spacio UFO: Il Guerriero Dello Spazio Jumbo Machinder, Machinder
Battle Shark Battle Shark Gashapon / Trading Figure, Super Sentai / Power Rangers, Tokusatsu 2012
Battle Fever J Battle Fever J Gokin 1979
Battle Fever Robo Battle Fever Robo CGA-08 Gashapon / Trading Figure, Gokin 2002
Battle Fever GB-03 Gokin, Super Sentai / Power Rangers 1979
Battle Fever Robo GX-30 Gokin, Super Sentai / Power Rangers 2006
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