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Super Robot Wars: Original Generation

Super Robot Wars: Original Generation

Super Robot Wars OG: Original Generations (スーパーロボット大戦OG オリジナルジェネレーションズ, Sūpā Robotto Taisen Ōjī Orijinaru Jenerēshonzu) is a tactical role-playing game for the PlayStation 2. Original Generations is a remake of the two Original Generation games for the Game Boy Advance and is intended to celebrate the Super Robot Wars series' 15th anniversary. It was released on June 28, 2007.


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Name No. Type Year
SRX-00 SRX-00 Model Kit 2006
Alteisen Model Kit 2007
Huckebein MKII Action Figure, Gokin, Gundam, Robot Toy 2005
Gespenst Mk-II M Kai Gespenst Mk-II M Kai Model Kit 2009
Alteisen Alteisen Action Figure 2010
Super Robot Chogokin Weissritter Weissritter Robot Toy 2011
Alteisen Nacht Alteisen Nacht Action Figure, Gokin 2011
Composite Ver.Ka PTX-EX Exbein PTX-EX Exbein 05 Action Figure, Anime Figure, Robot Toy, Video Games 2011
EX-Exbein EX-Exbein 052 Model Kit 2014
Huckebein Early Color Huckebein Early Color FAF-001 Action Figure 2004
Gespenst Mk-II Type TT Gespenst Mk-II Type TT FAF-002WDX Action Figure 2004
Huckebein Mk II Huckebein Mk II FAF-004 Action Figure 2004
Grungust Unit 2 Grungust Unit 2 FAF-006b Action Figure
Granzon Granzon FAF-008DX Action Figure 2004
Valsione Valsione FAF-012DX Action Figure
Thrudgelmir Thrudgelmir FAF-017DX Action Figure 2005
Schutzwald Schutzwald FAF-019DX Action Figure 2005
Guarlion Custom and Guarlion Custom "Trombe" Guarlion Custom and Guarlion Custom "Trombe" FAF-021a/b Action Figure 2006
Werkbau Werkbau FAF-023DX Action Figure
R-Blade R-Blade FAF-029DX Action Figure
Compatible Kaiser Compatible Kaiser FAF-032DX Action Figure 2010
Valsione R Valsione R FAF-25DX Action Figure
Twin Bird Strike Pack Twin Bird Strike Pack FAF-EX-02, FAF-EX-03 Action Figure
Dygenguar & Aussenseiter Dygenguar & Aussenseiter GX-46 Gokin 2009
Alteisen Alteisen PTX-003C Action Figure, Gokin, Robot Toy 2006
Huckebein Mk-II RTX-010-01 Model Kit 2006
Dygenguar Dygenguar S.R.G-S 016 Action Figure, Anime Figure, Building Toy, Character Toy, Model Kit 2007
Cybuster Cybuster SRG-S-008 Model Kit 2006
R-Gun Powered R-Gun Powered SRG-S-10 Model Kit 2006
Arblade Custom Arblade Custom SRG-S-21 Model Kit
Wildfalken Wildfalken SRG-S-5 Model Kit 2005
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