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Getter Robo Go

Getter Robo Go (ゲッターロボ號, Getta- Robo Go)

After some years, the franchise was revived in 1991 with the new series Getter Robo Go, directed by Yoshiki Shibata, and featuring a new robot and an all-new team. Despite lasting 50 episodes, it was considered a noncanonical flop. Nevertheless, the manga of Getter Go is considered one of Ken Ishikawa's best works, featuring the Shin Getter Robo for the first time. The OVA remakes use a lot of ideas, characters and situations from Getter Go manga.

Despite this, the influence and popularity of the original show continued in Japan, and it found a way to stay with fans through video games (like the Super Robot Wars game series, in which the Getter Robo is one of its lineup mainstays) and other merchandise. The series was even spoofed successfully in the mecha anime series Martian Successor Nadesico, where the anime-within-anime Gekigangar III was a direct pun (and homage) to the Getter Robo legacy, among many other super robot series. (Wikipedia)


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