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Toys released in 1995

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Name No.sort icon Type Year
Stealth Valkyrie VF-17S Macross / Robotech 1995
Stealth Valkyrie VF-17D Stealth Valkyrie VF-17D Macross / Robotech 1995
Fire Valkyrie VF-19 Macross / Robotech 1995
Blazer Valkyrie VF-19S Macross / Robotech 1995
Obot Obot Action Figure 1995
Grandiger Character Toy 1995
Gamera 95 Kaiju 1995
Evangelion Unit 00' (bootleg) Action Figure 1995
Gundam Epyon Gundam, Model Kit 1995
White Ranger's Deluxe Falconzord (Movie Edition) Super Sentai / Power Rangers 1995
Chewbacca/Endor Chewbacca/Endor 1995
Landspeeder Landspeeder Vehicle 1995
Exo-Squad Exoconverting Aerial Attack E-Frame Exo-Squad Exoconverting Aerial Attack E-Frame Action Figure, Transforming Toy 1995
Hooligan Hooligan Transforming Toy 1995
Rising Gundam Rising Gundam Gundam, Gunpla, Model Kit, Robot Toy 1995
Black Ranger's Shark Cycle Black Ranger's Shark Cycle Action Figure, Vehicle 1995
Brassgun 05 Action Figure 1995
Baltan Seijin 1 Kaiju 1995
Deluxe Ninja Megazord 2491 Super Sentai / Power Rangers 1995
Deluxe Masked Rider (8 Inch) Deluxe Masked Rider (8 Inch) 3661 Action Figure 1995
Raidar X Battloid ADR-04-MK X Macross / Robotech 1995
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