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I'm a Transformers collector, that likes more then just Transformers. :)

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machinders, space battleship yamato, godzilla, alien, some star wars, some military

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I've loved robots since a found a discarded transformer lost on a beach as a child. I've always appreciated old diecast figures, although I don't own too many myself. I am a fan of both old and new robot cartoons.

My current collection of modern gokin include Aoshima's Neo Getter Robo (black), CM's GoShogun and Sankanoh, and Yamato's Danguard Ace.

My current collection of classic gokin include ST Dynarobo, two ST Laserions (Japanese and American releases), DX Laserion, and a Voltron of some model that has seen better days.

On the plastic front I have a Toybox Nekobot a surprisingly nice KO Mightgaine, and a troop of Glyos figures.

The pride of my collection is, Voltron "Trapped on Jungle Planet," a 24 page book and tape. It's still sealed in it's original packaging!

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Hi, I started collecting the Soul of Chogokin models 3 years ago.

I have the GX-01R, GX-02R, GX-12, GX-06G1 and the GX-49. I also own a first issue Max Factory Mazinkaiser. I am currently waiting for my new GX-53.

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