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I am a collector of mecha anime figures/video games who writes on collection dx usually in the summer. I do post reviews other times but rarely. My focus, is on transformers and Gundam, but I like to stray occasionally in my reviews. If anyone has any questions about figures I like or don't like say so in the comments of my newest review and I'll read it! outside of Collectiondx, I'm also an aspiring fencer, and a huge fan of Visual Kei my favorite bands being the raid, Mejibray, and, Black gene for the next scene.

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"Gunpla and Cow Master!"
"The farming model maker! Tends to his cattle by day and by night he builds Gunpla!"

Self proclaimed fearless genius. Maker of bad jokes in the comments. Has a beard and a 7 Step plan to conquer the universe. Shoots first. And will someday have a theme song by Jam Project.

Don't let my short list of recent review fool you, I've been here a while. If it's a model kit or has the word "Gundam" after it, I probably built it. I've been a contributing member of the CollectionDX team since 2003. I got into Gunpla just before it was introduced to the US and have since built over 200 models (at this point).

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I've been a fan of toys almost since before I could speak. I cut my teeth buying everything from the Real Ghostbusters line that I could, and I later moved on to amass huge collections of Power Rangers mecha, Transformers, and other goodies.

After many years of reading and enjoying the reviews on CDX, I finally decided to join up and share my expertise. Pictures of my collections will be uploaded to my gallery as soon as I get some better photo equipment, but in the meantime, you can view most of my stuff on my DA page, in the gallery that I whimsically dubbed my "Mechollection".

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