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I'm currently an ME student in Georgia, who spends prolly too much money on toys as it is. I've been a fan of robots since I was about 2 years old, when I watched SD Gundam for the first time. This was my first anime exposure as I crossed the threshold into merchandise hell. Since then I've collected a lot of things, mostly robots though. I was very big into the real robot genre in my teens, until I found out about Go Nagai. Since then I think I may be an even bigger super robot fan instead. There's something so... primal and feral about it that's just incredibly awesome. Super Robot Wars, Kamen Rider, and Gundam are probably some of my favorite things, when it comes to shows, video games, and toys of course.

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I am a collector of mecha anime figures/video games who writes on collection dx usually in the summer. I do post reviews other times but rarely. My focus, is on transformers and Gundam, but I like to stray occasionally in my reviews. I typically like solid figures, with few loose parts that don't feature a reliance on gimmicks, and are fun and Engaging without them. I am considering reviewing figures from bionicle and hero factory as well, considering that there are very few on collection dx. outside of Collectiondx, I'm also an aspiring fencer, and a huge fan of Visual Kei

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"Gunpla and Cow Master!"
"The farming model maker! Tends to his cattle by day and by night he builds Gunpla!"

Self proclaimed fearless genius. Maker of bad jokes in the comments. Has a beard and a 7 Step plan to conquer the universe. Shoots first. And will someday have a theme song by Jam Project.

Don't let my short list of recent review fool you, I've been here a while. If it's a model kit or has the word "Gundam" after it, I probably built it. I've been a contributing member of the CollectionDX team since 2003. I got into Gunpla just before it was introduced to the US and have since built over 200 models (at this point).

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I am a Gundam and Knights of Zodiac collector. Look my collections

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I'm A concept Illustrator. I've been working in the field for 6 yrs in the gaming industry with various freelance jobs as well. I also do commision pieces.

My hobbies include comics, games, toys and drawing.

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I collected Transformers mostly G1 characters, Star wars mostly Original Trilogy, Godzilla, Ultraman, Super Robots, Silver Hawks, Doctor Who, Tron, Gijoes, original art, and various other stuff.

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I really like robots and toys and robot toys.

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My collection includes:

DX Gao God
DX Dekaranger Robo
DX MagiKing
Deluxe Galaxy Megazord
DX Engine Daishogun
DX Shinken-Oh
Kamen Rider Den-O toy items (belt, action figures)
Equip and Prop Vol.1: Garo and Zaruba
Max Factory Guyver I
S.I.C. Kamen Rider New Den-O Strike Form
S.I.C. Kamen Rider Wild Chalice

...and many more.

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I am an casual collector so I adhere to the "rotating" colecting method. I like to buy, handle, then sell (hopefully at an increase) with some exceptions (i.e. Masterpiece Transformers). Most of the time it is the thrill of the hunt that draws me to collecting certain bots. As for bots, I love them all! The top of my list is huge chunks of die-cast, colorfull Japan Super-Robots, but I prefer, and have a deep appreciation for well engineered modern bot, whether it be something new or a new design of something vintage, or a moden interpritation of something classic.

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I collect UC Gundam models, Legos, and the occasional Transformer. I am a very poor collector, in both senses.

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Toys have always intrigued me. I don't have a particular subject or toy line that I follow, I just appreciate each model or toy based on its own merits. Whether it be a sofubi or a Gokin robot of some sort matters not, it's about what the toy says to me, and the aesthetic pleasure it imparts to me.

Some of my toy collection (and other things) can be viewed on my flickr page at -

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