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Collect mainly Takara DX Brave series toys. And whatever else catches my intrest. Some Transformers, some Macross and Gundams. But mainly beefy transformable and combineing super robots is my thing.

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Ex-sailor student rockstar wannabe.

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I am an artist from Northern Ireland.
I enjoy collecting toys from my favourite cartoons.

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I've loved robots since a found a discarded transformer lost on a beach as a child. I've always appreciated old diecast figures, although I don't own too many myself. I am a fan of both old and new robot cartoons.

My current collection of modern gokin include Aoshima's Neo Getter Robo (black), CM's GoShogun and Sankanoh, and Yamato's Danguard Ace.

My current collection of classic gokin include ST Dynarobo, two ST Laserions (Japanese and American releases), DX Laserion, and a Voltron of some model that has seen better days.

On the plastic front I have a Toybox Nekobot a surprisingly nice KO Mightgaine, and a troop of Glyos figures.

The pride of my collection is, Voltron "Trapped on Jungle Planet," a 24 page book and tape. It's still sealed in it's original packaging!

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Never serious about anything, unless it's Volks.

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My passion for robots started with Voltron. That and I lived in a neighborhood full of chinese shops that sold tons of chogokin. Even before Voltron, my mom would come home with weird obscure robots with boxes I couldnt read. She was bringing home Valkyries, Orguss toys, Iron Gear/Xabungle toys, Dunbine and a bunch of other random stuff. Even some cool knockoffs. My first real full blown chogokin was Daitarn 3. Unpacking that started my obsession for robots. My passion started to die off in my 20's until I realized why... The robots I was collecting at that time were not metal...soon as I discovered SOC, I got hooked again. Now I am in my 30's and I have more chogokin than I know what to do with, but I'm damn happy. Now trying to collect what I had as a kid too. I have been a writer for this site for a few years. I also attend the Toy Fair and Comic Con with other CDX staff to provide content for the site.

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I have been collectiing Super Robot stuff all my life, but I got really serious in 1995 with the birth of the World Wide Web. I mostly collect Mazinger Z related mechas, but I am open to anything that is cool...

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One of the intrepid members of the Destroy All Podcasts DX team.

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