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I'm a Transformers collector, that likes more then just Transformers. :)

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im one of those girl collectors of hot toys, anime, transformers and neca figures.
always been a fan of japanese film/anime/manga, and giant robots!

outside of collecting im a freelance composer for short films, animations, games and tv shows.
these days its mostly orchestral work but i can easily write electronic or live band stuff too.

i do comedy tracks and skits when im inspired enough.

currently working on a graphic novel, im in the writing stage but i have designed the two main characters.

in the middle of all that im working on a bunch of reviews for collectiondx and i help out moderating and advising on an emotional support forum for LGBT peoples.

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I´m Italian (so I like robots).
I lost all my childhood toys (lots of transformers, popy, godaikin ) when I moved out of my parents place back 10 years ago...(or I would be rich now).
After so long I recently slowly started collecting some mechas here and there. I like real robots, mostly - Gundams, Votoms, Macross. I also like the old Super Robots and at times collect the occasional SOC.
I´m by no means a "pro" of collecting, I only have a few pieces and none of extreme value, still I hope my kids will be proud of daddy when they get older :)

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