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Professional Artist, casual collector, gamer, skateboarder.

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I do my own Transformers video reviews and slideshow reviews based on what Transformers I've bought since February 2006 because I've been into Transformers when I very little. I've also seen Transformers Dark Of The Moon since June 29th 2011 and that is real cool and real awesome so I highly recommend it to all Transformers fans.

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I collect almost anything that interests me, very rarely building up a collection of just one line. Smaller, cheaper toys with neat gimmicks always interest me- lighter on the wallet, but just as good hand candy. Never collected as a child, but as I grew older, I saw what I'd missed, and started buying candy toys and TFs, then SoCs, then deeper and deeper into the fandom... Well, until I got the burning desire to collect most, if not all of the Megazords. eBay is like an older brother to me~

Still don't quite get Machinders, though.

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I'm probably the youngest member of this site. I'm only 13. I LOVE toys, and CDX has helped my interests grow. It's introduced me to so many fantastic things I'd never heard of before. As for my own interests, I'm into Tranformers, Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Gunpla, almost all toys.

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I was a big fan of Transformers as a kid. Over the years, I picked up a few TFs to add to what I had left over from my childhood, and eventually I hada good sized collection. Now, I've expanded into other giant robot toys, notably Voltron, Shogun Warriors, and Power Rangers/Sentai mecha. Love to share the toy collecting with my two sons!

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