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just a slow collector of the super imaginitive chogokin(sic) line from bandai..venturing in to the garo prop & equip line lately..

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I´m Italian (so I like robots).
I lost all my childhood toys (lots of transformers, popy, godaikin ) when I moved out of my parents place back 10 years ago...(or I would be rich now).
After so long I recently slowly started collecting some mechas here and there. I like real robots, mostly - Gundams, Votoms, Macross. I also like the old Super Robots and at times collect the occasional SOC.
I´m by no means a "pro" of collecting, I only have a few pieces and none of extreme value, still I hope my kids will be proud of daddy when they get older :)

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My collection includes:

DX Gao God
DX Dekaranger Robo
DX MagiKing
Deluxe Galaxy Megazord
DX Engine Daishogun
DX Shinken-Oh
Kamen Rider Den-O toy items (belt, action figures)
Equip and Prop Vol.1: Garo and Zaruba
Max Factory Guyver I
S.I.C. Kamen Rider New Den-O Strike Form
S.I.C. Kamen Rider Wild Chalice

...and many more.

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An avid fan of science fiction in general, anime in particular and giant robots more than anything, I dabble in collecting and Gundam model building when not at work or in college.

While I'm always open for a rousing exchange of ideas and respect that different fans love different things, I won't stand for any slander against GaoGaiGar. There, I said it. ^_^

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machinders, space battleship yamato, godzilla, alien, some star wars, some military

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