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One of the intrepid members of the Destroy All Podcasts DX team.

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Wait, I'm confused. The heading says "About Me", and yet the little text beneath the text box says to talk about my collection? So suddenly my life is about collections? Wat?

Guess there's nothing stopping me from doing both.

Hi there, I'm some random guy on the internet that does... stuff. In all seriousness there isn't much to say about myself.

If I had to narrow it down, I mostly "collect" Sentai and Tobot toys. And I put quotation marks around that word because, well, I don't buy toys to collect as much as I do to play with.

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I collect toy robots, mostly from the 80s. Transformers, Voltron, Godaikin etc. I'm a sucker for anything diecast and I love odd knockoffs and bootlegs.

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A toy fan and a collector from Bolivia.

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Prometheum5 has been a contributor to CollectionDX since 2009, covering all things Iron Man, ThreeA, and whatever other Real Robots strike his fancy. He is an avid collector of Iron Man toys and comics, Ashley Wood’s toys and comics, all things Takara SFLand (Henshin Cyborg, Microman, Timanic, Transformers), and vintage mecha model kits. When not buying toys or talking about toys, he is busy making toys. Check out for a look at Prometheus Rising Heavy Industries, Ben’s line of 3D printed mecha action figures. Ben has had his custom toys on display in galleries on both coasts of the United States and in Japan, and has been recognized as a top 3D printing innovator to follow on Twitter. Follow Ben on Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr (@Prometheum5 on all three) for the latest updates on his toy making efforts.

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I've started with an old TF recovered in a box arround 1999 and then I own more than 200 pieces of different type,brand and size. A little weakness for diecast vintage of course.

I've also some Star Wars vintage :

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I am an otaku who has an affinity for mecha anime robots. I've been collecting whatever I can get my hands on robot related for quite a little while. Though, I also collect video games, and can't go one day without listening to nightcore!
I love collecting and can't see myself stopping anytime soon! Collectiondx is pretty Segoi to me, and I'm always happy to contribute!

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