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Generally I only own nostalgia toys from classic animes. High manufacturing quality is a must. I remember throwing away the first Yamato Valkyrie releases in the 90's.

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Malaysian, Kamen Rider fans, S.H.Figuarts collector

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Spoiling myself through buying my kids toys.

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anime-scifi geek from the netherlands. loves transformers, gundam, super sentai, european comic books, die-cast planes and hamsters

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I'm VIR.
I collect just a little of about everything; toys are cool.

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I collected Transformers mostly G1 characters, Star wars mostly Original Trilogy, Godzilla, Ultraman, Super Robots, Silver Hawks, Doctor Who, Tron, Gijoes, original art, and various other stuff.

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Collect mainly Takara DX Brave series toys. And whatever else catches my intrest. Some Transformers, some Macross and Gundams. But mainly beefy transformable and combineing super robots is my thing.

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