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I grew up on Japanese mecha & anime because my father had several Japanese magazines and unmade models in a closet. LEGOs certainly contributed to that in a big way too!

I was too young to know about "Transformers" until around when "Beast Wars" aired in '96. I very-much enjoyed the [first] live-action film that was released in 2007... though the sequel in 2009 was questionable at best. I also enjoyed the American-made "Transformers: Animated" (2008).

After "Power Rangers" began in '93, I was instantly hooked on them. Then in 2002, I got wise and realized what a rip-off "PR" was, and so I became a Sentai-snob and switched to the original Super Sentai saga instead.

I've also become interested in the Kamen Rider saga since I finished TV-Nihon's subbed third-generation/35th Anniversary "Kamen Rider Kabuto" (TheBee Zecter was my favorite!), and I thoroughly enjoyed the lighter-toned "...Den-O" (2007). I've also caught up on on "...Blade" (2004) (which is probably as far back as I'll go). And I liked watching the Americanized-remake "Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight", which actually is doing pretty well IMO for the transition over from the original series, 2002's "Kamen Rider Ryuki".

To this day, "Neon Genesis Evangelion" remains one of my all-time favorite anime series (where do you think I got my username from?), but I haven't seen more than a few complete series of "Gundam"!

Of course, the diagnosis of high-functioning autism- specifically Asperger's Syndrome- in 2002 finally explained my strong compulsion for such things throughout my life and even into today...!

My reviews on CollectionDX: (updated September 01, 2017)

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Avid collector of Star Wars, Marvel, Alien, and Transformers

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I have been a toy collector and robit enthusiast since as long as I can remember. Some of my gateways into the hobby include Transformers: The Movie and Macross: Clash of the Bionoids.

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I collect mainly robots and a few odd items here and there (monsters, die-cast sports cars, etc). I like basically anything vintage from Transformers to other 80's/90's giant mecha series and yes, even Beast Wars.

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