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I mostly collect car & train models, but there's the occasional robot in there.

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Godzilla figures and models kits as well as alot of anime from the 80's and 90's

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I love collecting Saint Seiya Myth Cloth EX figures, I collect them cause I grew up watching them since I was a kid, my favorite anime and the best of all time

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I started collecting robots when I was very young. First ones in my collection were Shoguns, Raydeen, Gaiking, and Danguard. My parents got some crazy deals on a ton of Shogun toys in the late 70s early 80s when King Norman's (Old toy store like Kaybee) went out of business. Shoguns, Dougrams, and some other rare stuff like Batrain. Then like a dumb ass when I was in my early 20s I started selling all of them on Ebay. Now I am trying to reclaim my youth by repurchasing all of them. Also collecting the SOC series from Bandai. I make yearly trips to Taiwan for work and get to Robot shop.

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I am a complicated man. No one understands me except my Robots. I collect 80's GI Joe, Star Wars, Pirate Lego, and of course Chogokin. 72 is my birthyear so I got to see Mazinger, Gatchaman, Danguard and all the greats on early cable TV. My first Toy I remember was my Great Mazinger Shogun Warrior. It was as big as me and had firing missles. I will be posting my Chogokin collection soon. I keep it at my office at work (and my boss is not happy about it). My real name is Lance and I am frequent feedback provider on the show. I love the show each week because Atom and Josh take the time answer fan's questions. I can honestly say there is no way I would have dropped the money on all of my favorite toys if I did not get quality reviews and info from everyone on the site. Yes, I spent a lot but I am so happy to have all of my old super robot pals right at my desk each day.

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I've been a fan of robots since the early 80's while living in Asia. Had lots of neat die-cast toys but didn't take good care of them. Now I'm starting my collection from scratch.

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I've been collecting Transformers since the 80's. While I loved Robotech, back in the day, Macross has surpassed this by tenfold. Havne't been able to quite start collecting Macross yet, but soon enough...

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Old fart , Super-robot/anime fan since my
early childhood back in the '70s.
I especially love all the Mazingers' series.

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Likes 80's transforming robots that include plastic, diecast and rubber.

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I dig robots. Mostly shogun warriors, vintage popy, macross, and diecast stuff. I've been collection since I was 10, hardly ever played with my toys as a kid. Still own the machinders my parents gave to me for Christmas in 1982. :)

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Hello, my name is Mark. I am a database engineer with a wonderful wife and two beautiful daughters and I love chogokin! It's a pleasure to be a part of the community!

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The first toys I had a passion for collecting were transformers. Optimus Prime was the ideal image of my own father, and him being a truck driver tied the two together even closer. From the first site of transformers, I knew I was a huge robot fan. Unfortunately, my mother threw out all these toys and did not allow me to collect them. A book was produced in the 80s called "Turmoil in the Toybox," that accused all the cartoons and toys of our childhood of being tools of the devil. Through out my childhood I had small bouts of enjoying transformers and Go-bots given to me by relatives before my mother would throw them into the trash. The only other toy I had a passion for as a child was micro machines, most of which were destroyed by a deranged cousin I had. As a teenager, I was able to collect things like Exo Squad and some Gundam, however I had to convince my mother Gundam was not at all related to a cuss word.
Once I became an adult and moved out on my own I began collecting some toys. The few things left over from my childhood and then onto anything I liked. I did not buy that many things till my early 20s. I had became a graphic designer and gained interest in art toys. From 2002 onward my collection slowly grew. Things from the G1 Optimus Prime reissue and other retro robots I used to own to rare designer figures. I did not regulate my collecting to any genera or class, if I liked the design I got it. Everything from happy meal toys, to Chogokin. While my collecting has slowed down due to space, I tend to get things that I have to have. A lot of what I buy reflects my own style or inspires me for making my own custom toys. I do not collect for rarity or value, but because I enjoy the designs, or art of the toy. Because of this, I only keep boxes that are either well designed, or for super fragile/ rare figures for safer packing if and when I have to move. While I had not counted in at least a few years I estimate close to 2,000 items in my toy collection.

I do take daily toy photos on instagram you can check out here:

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