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I Collect Digimon,Gundam,Transformers,Game based and Final Fantasy Action Figures.

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I'm quite interested on old, rare, hard to find toys. I collect anything that captures my attetntion. I'm also into building model kits.

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I just Love collecting Toys,, and i love watching the toy review's of josh and dan!i hope to see them soon! :D

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My collection consists mainly of Macross toys. They are followed by my SOC collection, and lastly my female figure collection.

I'm not a completist, but I do try to get what I can if the cash permits. I used to have a mixed bag, but I've learned to let go of some of my collections (mainly Gundams) to streamline my collection to just 3 lines.

I started collecting about 6 years ago, and started with a bootleg 1/65 Scale VF-17D. It was all downhill from there.

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I collect Bandai stuff coz it's cool...I started collecting Digimon toys(mostly transforming ones)but you know I'm not that good of keeping them,some get destroyed easily and some get lost.After being a fan of Digimon I started being a fan of Power Rangers too! They maybe a rip-off of Super Sentai but still cool. I only got a few DX Power Ranger Megazords(all US versions)which are Kongazord(Wild Force),Samurai Star Megazord(Ninja Storm),Delta Squad Megazord(SPD),and Omega Megazord(SPD).I don't actually call them a "collection" coz I don't have that kind of goal of getting lots of them.

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i collect japanese toy robots, charawheels, tomica, hotwheels and matchbox.

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i started collecting toys since early 80s, i have interest mainly on action figures going down to die-cast robots...............