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About Pod/Webcasts

i would much prefer CDX drops the podcasts and video, and do more reviews. well, you do a lot, but still, i'd rather see less of the video and podcasts.

video is nice for transforming robots and robots like Ideon with light-up or moving features. but you guys doing reviews are excellent writers! videocasts are the big "trends" that everyone wants to add to their site- just like podcasts were a while back, flash pages... to me CollectionDX has always been a safe-haven from trends, all about spreading good collecting taste and honesty in robots to the rest of the earth. i have a lot of respect for you guys, and i feel as a regular reader for many years that you have respect for me as your audience as well- please don't sell this short!

you all come from an objective viewpoint towards each piece you review, when you dont like something you explain exactly WHY you don't like it, i could go on and on with my love for the site and the tone you strike- factual and mature, but with a good sense of fun and tasteful good humor. one of the few places that reviews robots & collectibles that doesn't sound like a 15-year old kid arguing PS3 Vs. Xbox.

in my humble opinion, and i'm sure i'm not the only one who feels this way about videocasts. its really annoying to listen to someone say "um, um" in between every sentence, or abuse of the word "like", the "hold on a second" move, dropping of the toy, inconsistant sound, coughing, etc. there is also a tendency in podcasts/videocasts to try to be funny (it rarely works, unless the person is a good stand-up comic) and make bad jokes, when people just want to see/hear the toy- if they wanted funny they would have downloaded a comedy vid off of youtube.

maybe if you had a 100% professional editor (not just some friend who knows how to use iMovie! a pro!), and TV-quality cameras and microphones it would be ok- it would fit into this great vibe and feel youve made for yourselves.

i guess i'm just really used to the super-pro layout and excellent writing by you Atom, necrodave, and JoshB. CollectionDX just has this nice "robot library at your fingertips" feel about it.

i think taking your attentions away from the content and moving towards podcasts and/or video is a bad, bad move.

i think a *much* better move is for the three of you to just review everything in your collections! get ready, get set, go! or, get more "complete lines" in there- (an excellent example- NecroDave's *awesome* reviews of all the Sideshow Frankenstein toys) like Godaikins, Soul of Chogokin, High Complete series, etc. there is quite a few big gaps in the CDX review list!

in closing my long comment, any fool with a video camera can stutter and say "um, like, um its cool" for ten minutes, but it takes a real fan to write the intelligent and well-thought out reviews that appear on this site.

love to you dudes! love!

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Posted by The Big R on 22 July, 2007 - 19:31
What a great comment! To

What a great comment!

To address a couple of your points:

One of my main concerns with CDX is maintaining the integrity of the site. I want CDX to be about the toys that I and the other writers love. In regards to all the new feature ideas (video casts, forums, etc) we are always thinking of ideas to add value to the site, but none of these will ever be done if they get in the way of the bread and butter of the site - reviews. The main reason I never got the forum off the ground (despite the overwhelming demand for it) is that I just didn't have the time to maintain it. So if a video podcast ever gets done, we will be sure it does not interfere with the CDX content you know and love.

The ultimate goal of mine has always been to have my entire collection up here. The thing is, my toy collection is a very fluid thing, and new items are always being added while others are sold or traded away. I try to balance the new and old to keep things interesting, and if I did all of a line at once, there would be nothing to look forward to (for me anyway). I think this variety and unpredictability is one of the cooler aspects of CDX. My hope is that each day logging in will bring you some unexpected treasure or discovery, and turn you on to all sorts of new stuff.

Thanks again for the great comment though - i LOVE to hear feedback about the site, it makes me feel like what we are doing is worthwile.


CollectionDX Admin

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Posted by JoshB on 23 July, 2007 - 14:40
Josh, thanks for everything.

Josh, thanks for everything. You've really opened my mind up to a whole new world out there.

I support the idea of video casts, but only if they're less frequent - say, monthly or bi-monthly, focusing the main highlights of the scene. Having less frequent, condensed reports will appeal to most people who don't keep up with the latest, but would want to keep generally up to date on things. It also gives each entry a sort of timeless quality you won't get out of making hundreds.

Your special reports on stores like Kimono My House, for instance, are quite an original thing. I was there recently and it was great to see it again. Keep the site's integrity intact, and don't over-extend yourself, just enjoy it!

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Posted by Eleking on 7 August, 2007 - 10:52
Listening vs. Reading

I'm sure you guys can be entertaining, but I generally think that podcasts and videocasts are an inefficient medium. I can read a lot faster than I can listen. A written article can be efficiently skimmed, boring bits skipped, and the download time is much shorter. I think videos are appropriate when, for example, you're demonstrating the transformation of a robot, but it's not necessary to actually watch two people talk about robots.

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Posted by Wicker808 on 20 July, 2007 - 15:40
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