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TOTY 2010 - Best of the Best


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I said Daitarn 3. I would've

I said Daitarn 3. I would've given it to Warbot Defender, but it loses out to the quality, size, and accessories of Daitarn (which isn't it's fault: Daitarn is like 3 times the price!)

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Posted by Dre2Dee2 on 24 January, 2011 - 10:32
Who want Macross? Not me!

"Megatron has fallen! Decepticons, I am your new leader! Retreat!"

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Posted by YuushaFan on 23 January, 2011 - 21:58
Speaking of which, I just

Speaking of which, I just tried to load "TF:War for Cybertron" onto my PC, but it's too slow and doesn't have the graphics system to support it. So I'm now the proud owner of a video game I can't play until I get a new computer.


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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 23 January, 2011 - 23:41

This is why I bought a console and dropped PC video games altogether. I have a super-fast Mac for music and my recording engineer day-job, and I'm not into getting that deep into constructing an overpriced PC to run a game my $250 Xbox runs perfect with no problems. Now I play games and have fun instead of the i'm-faster-than-you PC tech chase.

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Posted by The Big R on 24 January, 2011 - 12:28
My PC is faster than both

My PC is faster than both yours.


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Posted by Prometheum5 on 24 January, 2011 - 13:52
I bet mines better than all yours :)


Seriously Eva you shouldn't be buying games without checking specs on the box. Secondly you're on a laptop which generally never have 3d cards good enough for gaming. TF:WFC isn't really hardware intensive...have you tried turning graphics settings down? It's just a third person shooter using the Unreal gaming engine so your not missing anything special.

Big R, not all games come out for the console and with changes in tech over the last few years you do not have to spend an arm and a leg to get a decent PC capable of running games.

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Posted by Atom on 24 January, 2011 - 14:25
I wasn't talking about that

I wasn't talking about that one. I knew it couldn't run anything heavy, and I didn't even try. I was talking about my parent's computer- it can't run it.

I tried setting resolution size to its lowest, graphics to lowest, I even tried it in windowed mode (which I usually can't stand), but the video would chug along while the sound was just fine.

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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 24 January, 2011 - 16:28
Yahk, deculture!

The SDF-1 Macross of course.

Without a doubt...this is the toy that most Macross fans have been waiting for more than 25 years for. It's uber detailed, lineart accurate, it's rock solid in both modes, a JOY to transform, and joints that are full of ratchety clicky goodness. TOTY for 2010.

For those that haven't read Atom's great review:

RE: paint job
There are already lots of folks on Toysdaily and Macrossworld that've made it even more awesome. You can do the same by picking up a Gundam Marker or Sakura Pigma Pen and panel lining it yourself. Or maybe Yamato will release more expensive weathered version for a higher price tag. As for the original review I don't think it was even brought up once. As for me I don't really mind.

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Posted by pinoy78 on 23 January, 2011 - 20:46
I have one big complaint

I have one big complaint about the SDF-1, and it's not exactly the fault of Yamato, but this particular version from "Do You Remember Love" looks like an unpainted model, and this just bums me out. I never followed the original review comments so I don't know if this was ever an issue, but the presence of this version has a particular dull quality because of the prevalent gray color. It's just a shame that such an excellent "toy" has such a less than superior shelf presence.

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Posted by xiombarg on 23 January, 2011 - 20:23
I vote for SRC Mazinger Z.

I vote for SRC Mazinger Z.

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Posted by smarmypunk on 23 January, 2011 - 19:21
SDF-1 For the WIN! again....

It's kind of sad that there's no real competition for the SDF-1 this year! :D

While the Megasized model is on the list, the real interesting thing from Bandai's Gunpla division were the Real Grades. The RG RX-78-2 was the most interesting thing for me to be released this year from an engineering & bring something new perspective. While the Megasize model is just the poor mans Jumbo.

It was also a bit of a quite year for Transformers and Macross, thank the maker! Those two have been burning a hole in my wallet the last couple of years.

Was surprised not to see the AT-AT show up

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Posted by Wizartar on 23 January, 2011 - 19:02
the AT-AT had no real

the AT-AT had no real category to be in. It wasnt a transformer, we didnt review enough star wars to have a category, and it wasnt over $150...

But fear not, it will get its due soon enough...

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Posted by JoshB on 23 January, 2011 - 19:43
This poll consists of the top vote-getters from each category.

This poll consists of the top vote-getters from each category. I know it's un-scientific, and maybe not even fair, but hey, that's life. VOTE NOW.

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Posted by JoshB on 23 January, 2011 - 17:02
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