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Gougou Gattai Vehicle #3 - Gougou Mixer


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unknown feature ?

Does anyone knows what's the use of the little pegs/holes we can see under the cabin (on the piece that becomes top of shoulder on daibouken mixer/ under of the heel when forming daitanken) ?
I don't see any transformation that uses them, and I find nothing about that feature in the instructions (the gougou crane has the same !)
thanks !

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Posted by Midknight on 7 September, 2007 - 02:49
Re: unknown feature?

That is one of the many oddities about the Gougou Vehicle line that I mention in Gougou Gattai- The Gougou Vehicles Assembled!, down near the bottom of the review. Needless to say- ["Then why say it???"]- this peg hole was never used. It's similar in size to the ones on the bottom of Pat Trailer and Pat Gyro from the DX Tokusou Gattai DekaRanger Robo, but it's not cross-compatible with that series in any other way. (For that matter, the Gougou Vehicles line isn't cross-compatible with any previous limb-swapping lines in the last five years...)
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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 7 September, 2007 - 12:29