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Shin Getter 1


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13 years old and still the best Shin Getter figure

it's amazing how one company can succeed in making what I could consider the perfect Getter Robo figure. The Molding is amazing, the paint apps nearly perfect, the variations available to have your own getter in your own way, and the Proportions, Dear God the Proportions!

This figure portrays Shin Getter as a Muscular, yet not chunky machine, which I think is the perfect motif for Shin Getter 1. The Paint is perfect and comes in many flavors (This one, All Red and White, Whitechest, Black, Metallic), and even has variations on the Wings and Weapons!

...though since this is a 13 year old figure, good luck finding this under $300....

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Posted by blitzkriegomega on 23 March, 2013 - 14:09