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Majuuken Garulu Saber


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I like your new style Eva.

I like your new style Eva. More pictures = better.

CollectionDX Admin

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Posted by JoshB on 9 October, 2009 - 07:33
Lookin good dude. The way

Lookin good dude. The way the blade twists around to collapse is actually pretty clever. Great review.

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Posted by Prometheum5 on 9 October, 2009 - 10:14
I know what you mean about

I know what you mean about the timeline switches getting confusing. I spent the early part of the series being entirely baffled by what was going on and when, it does get better though once the characters in each timeframe are more established.

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Posted by James O on 9 October, 2009 - 10:29
The pictures!

Those pictures are beautiful, Eva. Load your Megazord reviews with this kind of toy porn, and you could Break the Chain! Don't be afraid, world is your stage- JUST GO!

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Posted by Rankarana on 11 October, 2009 - 13:59


I worry less about the pictures, and more about how I can still deliver info now without losing context in cutting the size of the paragraphs down; that will take some getting used to.

My next review is the DX Samurai Gattai Shinken-Oh, so we'll see how it works out, since it has multiple parts. This was easier because it was one part and had a simple transformation. (The back story, on the other hand...)
CollectionDX Staff

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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 11 October, 2009 - 14:41

Neat. I couldn't get into the show (too much fighting, I prefer Heisei KR-style four-minute fights) but the mecha (especially the Shinken-oh and the lobster Origami) are beautiful. Now I get a reliable review of it, huzzah! 'Cause I really think it looks awesome, certainly.

Also, I know you tend to shy away from the BA products these days, but have you ever looked at their Micro Zord line? They're pretty damn awesome, considering their size (judging from High Octane and all of the Fury ones). Even the BA original designs are neat.

Rankarana's picture
Posted by Rankarana on 12 October, 2009 - 13:45
I'm actually questioning

I'm actually questioning whether to get anything after the Ika Origami. The lantern doesn't look like a lantern that much, both of the lobster's modes are questionable, and the new ox breaks the chain of continuity once again.

Bandai- stop making toys that have nothing to do with the earlier-line stuff! If your lead combo is nothing than wildcats, then the whole line better damn-well-be nothing but wildcats! And inanimate objects don't count either!

As far as I am concerned, the very few PR items made these days that I may buy have to be diamonds in the rough to even catch my attention.
CollectionDX Staff

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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 12 October, 2009 - 19:42