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Nice review, But only thing bug me...on mine anyway, is while I like the chogokin, the removable face parts pop off often and easily, wish it was one piece not four (was actually annoyed when it was 4 pieces not one)

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Posted by AJProDie-Cast on 2 April, 2008 - 13:10
Face popping off

Sorry to hear about the problem you have with your Gaiking. Fortunately I did not have that problem with mine. However, I do agree that they probably should have made the removable face plate on the chest one solid unit.

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Posted by Shogundan on 2 April, 2008 - 13:21
Nice review!

Ya really just can't have too much Gaiking, huh? :P

Hmmm...the Counter Cross attaches to the spear, huh? I wonder if the Most Wanted version can do that! Yet another undocumented feature???


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Posted by Sanjeev on 2 April, 2008 - 16:07
Thanks Sanjeev

Thanks Sanjeev,
Yup, the counter cross attaches to the spear. Let me know if it does it on the GDX version. I am seriously considering buying the GDX set. Like you said "Ya really just can't have too much Gaiking"

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Posted by Shogundan on 2 April, 2008 - 16:12
Speaking of Gaiking, it

Speaking of Gaiking, it reminds me 2 weeks ago at my local Toyfair. There;s this guy that sell Most wanted Gaiking for a very low price. And I just skip it... What a fool

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Posted by Berserk on 2 April, 2008 - 19:39
Where were you able to get

Where were you able to get it for $30, if you don't mind me asking?

I haven't been able to find it for under $70...

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Posted by Jetjagaa on 4 April, 2008 - 00:57
I picked it up off ebay

Wow your right! The prices have really gone up. I picked this figure up about 5 months ago. At that time the GE-10 was abundant on Ebay and they could be had cheaply. I think I paid about $15.00 for shipping. The grand total was around $45.00. I do not include shipping charges in my reviews because that will vary depending on where you live. I'd say that if you like this figure, grab one now before the price gets astronomical.

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Posted by Shogundan on 4 April, 2008 - 12:44
Bah...I think I'll have

Bah...I think I'll have!!! BAH!

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Posted by Jetjagaa on 5 April, 2008 - 12:39
hm... something seems wrong with the sculpt.

compared to the anime show, the toy seems rather gaunt, doesn't it?
...or perhaps it's just me.

life needs to be bittersweet;
you work the sweet side, and i'll manage to embitter it.

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Posted by lurino on 9 April, 2008 - 14:08
used to own

I used to own this but sold it because the chest/ face plates kept falling off and the fists would shot off very easily.

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Posted by Mark M on 3 July, 2008 - 05:39
Well worth the $$

Mine is perfect. I love the figure. Very nice die cast content for the price line! And say what??? The fists fire! Oh yeah.
Thanks Shogundan.

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Posted by Grandzinga on 8 October, 2009 - 10:18
GE-10 vs GX-27

Well, not much difference between the two. All I can tell is that the teeth on the skull of GE-10 is gold unlike GX-27's silver teeth. And GE-10's skull is removable for it's Fase Open mode, whereas the SoC version is one solid piece. GE-10 also has additional weapons. O yea, I forgot to mention that GE-10 has a black mouthplate whereas the GX-27 and even the GX-05 Gaikings have a silver mouthplate with grills on them.

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Posted by Nightslash3535 on 30 June, 2010 - 19:53
happy but not satisfied

JUst got my GE-10 and I am very happy with the size and added weapons but i am ticked off about the face plate. I love the " Chest Open " attack from the show but the pieces just fall off of the chest too easy. The battle axe, shield, and wing fall off as well. Nothing seems to stay on this guy very well. He is big, sturdy and looks very cool but is it so hard to keep his wings on his back? still i can not say i am completely disappointed with Gaiking. I have loved this character since i was little. The fact you can adjust his gigantic horns is enough for me to give this toy a thumbs up. I have some paint defects as well but still i love this guy. I guess i am a total sucker for force five Chogokins.

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Posted by Ligerbomb72 on 12 October, 2011 - 21:57