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DX Tokusou Gattai DekaRanger Robo


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thanks for this nice review, since i'm (always) referencing to this site whenever i purchase a sentai DXs.

just to share: ^^
I have two Pat stikers (red deka patrol striker) one from the Whole DX set (asia exclusive/japan) and one i just recently bought from Ebay (which is an individual or separate kit which only includes the Red mecha).
They are very much the same (molding and design) and are part of the DEKAROBO DX.
Well here are the differences i noticed:
1. LED, the red pat striker from the whole set has 11 . but the individual kit has 9 (it has one on each shoulder/ above the chest, 3 on the chest, and 2 on each leg.
2. the visor (from the whole set DX) is clear white (note this is not American release), but the individual patstrker red kit is bluish.
3. the trademark and year of production labeling on the bottom of the Red Patstriker.

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Posted by sentaiblue on 4 May, 2011 - 05:03
Hark- someone <i>finally</i> commented

Hark- someone finally commented on this toy!

Yes, I've found that the Bandai Asia (releases specifically for outside of Japan) and Bandai America adaptations are often the same when it comes to the DX sets. The changes you mention here are all the same as were made to Delta Runner-1 for the Dlx. Delta Squad Megazord.

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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 4 May, 2011 - 11:08
This simplicity and clarity

This simplicity and clarity of design would be welcome nowadays.

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Posted by jacksauce on 4 May, 2011 - 12:03

I really love this mecha, its very simple yet can really stand on its own. its like it brought the "vintage" feel of the former sentai mechas and spicin it up with the color choice and electronics.

i love this site as well ^__^

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Posted by sentaiblue on 5 May, 2011 - 04:43