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Revoltech Awakening Ver. Eva Test Type-01 New Movie Edition

(This is an automatic translation. Please allow for possible misinterpretations in the text.)

- [fastest in the industry, the impact of figures. First aircraft wake [New Theatrical Version: fracture] edition!]
- ?Revoltech Evangelion: fracture? series, which appeared in the second half of the movie
"Awakening version first aircraft" impact the appearance of the fastest.
- Evangelion [New Theatrical Version: fracture] edition (Riborutekkuyamaguchi No.67), and
Add a new modeling parts, changed body color reproduction.
- first aircraft completely different image.
- When runaway head, the cutting arm, forearm and played newbuildings.
- Arm plays in forming clear to evoke the image of the movie.
- I also included the normal arm can also enjoy a different color as the first unit.
- 10 won by a wide range of motion of each joint.
- We are moving independent of the armored abdomen, we can make things deeply from the waist Kagama.
- base of shoulder armor (+ toe) in the "Joint List" adopted. This move to separate the arms and shoulders
You can.
- 2 parts using the effects of species, can respond to the scene in the play.
- palette and rifles, 14 hand comes with a single option.

- Height: 140mm approx
- where motion: all 21 locations
- Number of Joint Use: All 10 pieces: 10mm joint × 6,8 mmW joint × 1,8 mm joint × 2,
× 1 + joint joint 6mmW list
- Accessories: Head options × 1, option arm × 2, pallet rifle × 1,
Parts effects A × 1, Parts effect B × 1, Anbirikarukeburu × 1,

Revoltech Awakening Ver. Eva Test Type-01 New Movie Edition 076 from "Rebuild of Evangelion"

2,286 yen, due mid october.

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Posted 27 September, 2009 - 21:49 by JoshB


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Looks interesting, but I

Looks interesting, but I don't think it's going to beat the regular Eva 01 from Evangelion 2.0

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Posted by Wallas on 29 September, 2009 - 17:21
Whoa... I can't wait to

Whoa... I can't wait to see that animated. O.o

Still don't want the Revoltech(s).
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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 29 September, 2009 - 17:49
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