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More pictures of CM's Machine Blaster Robo Kress and Bull Caesar

PR is a very important thing, espescially in this day and age of tight wallets. Good promotional shots can make or break a toy. If the toy looks like ass, who will pre-order it?

Case-in point - these CM Mecha Action Series. I hope to god these are rough prototypes, because they look like they were painted in third grade art class. Just see for yourself. I can't imagine how these got past the powers that be at CM's.

SERIOUSLY? Look at the II on the belt. Did the painter have too much caffeine that day?


you have got to be kidding me here.

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Posted 17 September, 2008 - 10:30 by JoshB


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Wow. That's brutal. So,

Wow. That's brutal. So, costs going up, quality going down. Are Japanese toy makers conducting a Dominoes-like experiment on their customers?? lol

Yes, I know quality isn't bad across the board, and prices aren't outrageous across the board, but it does seem like they are just testing the limits of the fan base sometimes. People are gonna be getting more and more picky about what they buy going forward.

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Posted by NekroDave on 17 September, 2008 - 11:20
Oh My God!

The paint is... Horrible. is this the same company that made that Beautiful Go Shogun?

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Posted by Berserk on 17 September, 2008 - 18:53

I was shocked when I opened the boxes of the Aoshima 1/48 Legiosses. Now I am horrified to see that the robots I had waited for years to be released as high quality toys are nothing short of rubbish!

What would happen if perfectionist fans like me were to CANCEL my order for these?

What would happen if Machineblaster aka ASTRO ROBOT (in Italy it was broadcast with that name) fans were to boycott these robots?

Will CM'S continue producing these or issue a repainted version?

If that is what will happen, then I'll pass on these.

What a disappointment!!

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Posted by grendizer1975 on 18 September, 2008 - 17:32