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Border Break Zebra 41 Fine Scale Model Kit

A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! Border Break: Sega Network Robot Wars is revolutionizing the world of giant robot fighting with its incredible action and Sega's new RingEdge arcade board. Kotobukiya is the first to bring the amazing fighting mecha of this new game to life with a brand new series of Fine Scale Model Kits from this high-speed team battle arcade game. The next fighting robot is another unit in the medium weight class like the Cougar before it, the fast and deadly ZEBRA 41!

Powerful and sleek, the Zebra 41 has medium armor that doesn’t get in the way of its maneuverability and speed, and is further assisted by hip boosters that can be extended or retracted with additional parts. The blue and white robot utilizes an advanced Optical Camouflage system, and takes on enemy units with an “LZ-Triad,” “Sentry Gun,” and “Leveler MP20.” All of these additional parts can be mounted on the Zebra’s back for storage just like in the game!

Each robot in the Border Break series is built on the universal core “Cross Frame” outfitted with additional armor, weapons, and accessories. The robots are fully articulated and poseable, and you can combine and interchange parts from different units to create your own original Blast Runner! Standing 6 inches tall, the Zebra 41 is comprised of approximately 300 parts and has an outstanding 30 points of articulation.

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Available in NOVEMBER


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