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Urban Collector Newspost 2014-08-07 Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy, and More!

This week we are featuring new PreOrders like the Rocket Raccoon Fabrikations figure, Walking Dead apron and Batman Statue!

Featured Pre-Orders

Rocket Raccoon fabrikations figure

Batman 7-inch action figure 1989 Video Game appearance

Robocop Vs Terminator 7" Action Figure set Series 1

Caesar action figure Dawn Planet of the Apes

Snake Plisskin 8-inch clothed action figure

Walking Dead Cookie Jar

Walking Dead Walker Torso Apron

Dragonball Z Super Saiyan Vegeta Tamashiibuddies Figure

Toho 12-Inch Series Anguirius Vinyl Figure 1955 Version

Marvel Jubilee Bishoujo Statue

Mega Man Proto Man 7-Inch Vinyl Figure

Star Trek Undiscovered Country Enterprise A Ship

Lost In Space B9 Electronic Robot

Batman Black & White Statue By Francis Manapul

Superman The Man Of Steel Statue By Gary Frank

Cover Girls Starfire Statue

Featured New Arrivals

Walking Dead Pet Zombie 1/6 scale figure Red Version

Star Wars Yoda Ilum Statue

Star Wars Kenner-Inspired Hoth Luke Jumbo Action Figure

Jesse Pinkman in Yellow Jumpsuit Bobblehead

Walking Dead TV Series 2 Shane Walsh Baseball Cap Action Figure

Pacific Rim 7 inch Kaiju Scunner Ultra Deluxe Action Figure

Ultraman Ginga Ultra-Act Action Figure

Friday The 13th Part 4 Jason Mask Replica

Disney Frozen Elsa Pop Figure

Star Wars Boba Fett Fabrikations figure

Deadpool Symbol Acrylic Cup

Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor Collage Mug

Dawn Planet of the Apes t-shirt

Reverse Flash t-shirt

Aquaman t-shirt costume

Star Wars Rogue Squadron t-shirt

Posted 7 August, 2014 - 20:22 by VF5SS
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