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Master Grade Jetsa Cannon from Gundam Unicorn

Bandai is releasing the armored up variant of the Jesta, the Jesta Cannon. Using the Master Grade kit's internal to mount new armor, the kit features beefed up arms and legs, as well as a backpack with large cannons. Even its beam rifle has been bulked up. Includes movable shield and beam saber. The Jesta Cannon is being sold through Bandai's Premium Online Shop. Coming November 2015 for 5,400 yen.










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Posted 5 August, 2015 - 19:17 by VF5SS


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That kind of moment

I had that kind of moment, when I saw the headline for the Master Grade Cannon I stood up from my desk shouting "YES!" then screamed "NO!" where I read it was an exclusive.

...and now my wallet's a little bruised (Not really, surprisingly) when I decided to buy it.

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Posted by Rob on 7 August, 2015 - 12:09