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Original V.I.N.CENT prop from The Black Hole can be yours starting at $40,000

Profiles in History is auctioning off an original screen used prop of V.I.N.CENT from the 1979 Disney Movie THE BLACK HOLE. As you may know, it's one of my favorite movies, so to see this go up for auction took my breath away. It's in remarkably good condition considering the age, and these clear photos give a look at the robot that we never had before. 

The downside is of course that bidding STARTS at $40,000 USD. V.I.N.CENT goes up for auction on July 29th. If there ever was a reason to start a kickstarter, this is it.,-screen-used-v.i.n.cent-the-robot-hero-620-c-e31cfa8a10

Also up for auction is an original drawing of one of the early concepts for MAXIMILLIAN.

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Posted 9 July, 2013 - 22:06 by JoshB
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