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New Release and Pre-Order News for ANGOLZ.COM

New Release and Pre-Order news for

Pre-Orders This Week

[G2:418153 class=g2image_centered]
Revolution 001 Kenshirou, Fist of North Star

[G2:418156 class=g2image_centered]
Revolution 002 Jido, Fist of North Star

[G2:418158 class=g2image_centered]
Revoltech 060 Enki

[G2:418160 class=g2image_centered]
Revoltech 061 Protect Gear The Red Spectacles

[G2:418165 class=g2image_centered]
Medicom Real Action Hero, RAH-421 DX, Black RX, Masked Rider

[G2:418167 class=g2image_centered]
Medicom Real Action Hero, RAH-424, Batman, The Dark Knight Suit

New Arrivals This Week:

[G2:418162 class=g2image_centered]
Konami Yoko on MMS,Gurren-lagann

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Posted 29 July, 2008 - 21:48 by Atom