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My Friend the Micronaut 2013 Show Opening at Grasshut on August 1st!

“My Friend the Micronaut” is a yearly show at Grass Hut Art Market where artists from around the world display Microman/Micronaut-themed work.  The show is the brainchild of Grasshut front man Bwana Spoons, who has done many Micro-themed pieces over the years.  The show opens on August 1st, so stay tuned to the Grasshut site for coverage of the show and for show items to be available in their online store!  A Tumblr page has been set up by show co-host Bryan "Microbry" Wilkinson with teasers and show info:

My Friend the Micronaut 2013 Tumblr

Participating in this year's show are two members of the CollectionDX family:


Prometheus Rising Heavy Industries Allaround Microman Power Suit

Prometheum5 is debuting the first public release of his Allaround Power Suit Microman (1/18) scale 3D printed mecha action figure.  Ben will also be unveiling a brand new Prometheus Rising Heavy Industries toy at the show.


Brownnoize Productions is the toy company started by longtime CDX contributor Sanjeev.  Brownnoize will be offering up the first release of their 3D printed plastic and metal Powered Suit Fake Types painted by another CDX regular, Mason 'mcfitch' Fitch!  Word on the street is BN might also have some never before seen 3D printed mecha goodies to show...


Also in attendance are a gaggle of talented Micro-fans from across the globe:

5mm Toyhacker

ATR Hobby


Dave Waugh

MonsterPants Toys

Laser Mego


Onell Design

Randy and Jennifer Ozehoski


Will Jones

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OMG that is AWESOME! I always

OMG that is AWESOME!

I always loved Microman :D

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Posted by mrtrainfreak12 on 16 August, 2013 - 08:15
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