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Fullmetal Ghost Shadow Blade Updated

Offical info from Threezero: 

We are very proud to present you the third release from our collaboration with Bandai and great Kunio Okawara (大河原邦男): B/3 (BANDAI + 3Zero) FullMetal Ghost Shadow Blade [ 藏 影 ]. 

We will start taking pre-orders for 16.5” (~42cm) tall FullMetal Ghost - Shadow Blade on July 24th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time at for US$360/HKD2800 (with worldwide shipping included in the price) and we plan to keep the pre-order open for eight weeks to give everyone a great chance to buy Shadow Blade. 

FullMetal Ghost - Shadow Blade comes with fully articulated and extremely detailed 6” (~15.2cm) tall pilot; has over one hundred fully posable action joints (including articulated fingers); openable hatch with detailed cockpit and equipped with light-up feature in eyes, shoulders, front chest, upper back & cockpit. 

Shadow Blade purchased at threezerostore will be coming with pair of Tekko-Kagi (detachable claws) in addition to the impressive list of weapons figure is already coming with. 

Weapons layout:
*Massive Katana with scabbard;
*Tanto with scabbard;
*Spikes Cases X 2;
*Throwing Spikes X 6;
*Cyclone Blade Shuriken (foldable spikes) X 2;
*Kunai Throwers X 2.

Exclusive weapon for threezerostore:
*Tekko-Kagi (detachable claws) X 2.

Pilot figure details:
*Extremely detailed, paint application and weathering on the fully articulated 6" (~15.2 cm) tall pilot;
*Pilot can be positioned inside Shadow Blade's cockpit;
*Detailed outer armor with fabric tight suit underneath; 
*Interchangeable helmet and head;
*2 pairs of interchangeable hands;
*Weapon: Dual Fighter Blade X 2. 

















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Posted 17 July, 2015 - 05:27 by VF5SS