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Master Grade Hi-Nu Gundam Ver. Ka HWS Set

Bandai is releasing the fan favorite Heavy Weapons System (HWS) as an add-on for their upcoming Hi-Nu Gundam Ver. Ka. Set contains extra chest armor, skirt armor, new leg boosters, a powerful beam rifle, an extra bazooka, an extra shield, and the huge shield booster. This is being sold through their premium online shop. Coming September 2014 for 3,024 yen.














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Posted 16 July, 2014 - 07:00 by VF5SS


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Hi-ly worth it

This is an amazing add on kit, far surpassing the "Double Fin Funnel" type of the regular Nu Gundam. The surprise of the booster shield's "Second Form" and the hidden arms under the skirts is a shock.

I know this is a painted model in the pictures, especially with the pimp leopard print on the Hi-Nu's shield, but this kit is looking more glorious with each revelation.

I'm still waiting on the grand reveal of something under the hood. Psychoframe or unnamed High Mobility mode?

Rob's picture
Posted by Rob on 16 July, 2014 - 08:34
This is an interesting combination...

I don't think I've ever seen the Hi-ν HWS in any official materials, let alone Bandai merchandise. I'm a little weirded out. Okay, I'm actually really weirded out.

SpaceRunaway's picture
Posted by SpaceRunaway on 16 July, 2014 - 09:54
Keep Calm

Just keep calm, take three deep breaths from this paper bag that smells like whiskey and abs plastic and you'll be fine.

I don't think there's ever been an HWS Hi-Nu. I know there's one for the regular Nu Gundam, and it'd be interesting if this kit would be compatible with the Nu version Ka kit too.

Rob's picture
Posted by Rob on 16 July, 2014 - 10:16
There isn't, outside of fan

There isn't, outside of fan creations. It's just weird that they'd go to this first without doing a proper HWS ( Or is there one? I don't really keep up...) It would be nice if they had some way to fit the Nu but the height and dimensions of the two are too different, so it would need some real magic in the engineering.

Also I am trying, but I think the more I look at it the more freaked out I get. I'm sure there's some precedent for releasing fan mash-ups (that's basically what GBF is right?), but I've been out in the sun all day and my brain's a little frazzled at the moment.

SpaceRunaway's picture
Posted by SpaceRunaway on 16 July, 2014 - 16:12
Give me a metal build version !!

I want it in metal :)
Actually I would love to build this too. The only problem with these kind of heavy armor kits (think the O, FA unicorn, etc) is there is not much posing other than this standup, ready to launch pose; still look totally cool.

slee915's picture
Posted by slee915 on 16 July, 2014 - 11:12
Go home Katoki you are drunk

I know this is just what he does but I mean seriously, this is ridiculous.

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Posted by RobotBastard on 16 July, 2014 - 14:56
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