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Bandai VF-25 Renewal Version First Pics (UPDATED AGAIN!)

Official Bandai Spec sheet highlighting the differences between version 1 and version 2.

So here is Bandai's new VF-25 Renewal Version in all three modes. It looks to be a completely new toy.

Image from Toysdaily.

Information from Toyark

* Release date: October 2011
* Price: ¥14,700
* Uses technology from the recently released DX YF29 Durandal
* Styled more after the animation model
* Incorporates improvements requested by fans
* Height in battroid mode: approx 340mm
* Incorporates ABS, POM, PVC and diecast metal

In addition, the following are included:

* Gunpod
* Assault knife
* Stand
* 4 replacement hands(different poses)


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Posted 13 July, 2011 - 15:00 by VF5SS


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Now I'm glad I never got the old ones. Come on, announce one in Ozama Lee's colors, that's the baby I want!

Felixman's picture
Posted by Felixman on 30 June, 2011 - 15:07
Not 100% sold yet.

Don't get me wrong, I'm one of the few that actually enjoyed the VF-25 despite its flaws. However, this looks more like a refitting of problem parts rather than a completely new toy.

Looks like they made the shield fold flat, gave the legs the swivel joint for Gerwalk, also made the legs rise up more and fit tight in Fighter mode. This is all pretty much just taking bits and pieces from the YF-27's more refined design. The only thing I see that's a unique fix is that the fins on the bottom look like they're angled correctly.

Can't see if the landing gear got a much needed overhaul, if the Assault knife stows in the shield, or if the gun pod now has the fighter attached fold down holder (like the YF-27 has).

Still the biggest WTF for the Macross F 1/60 line up is having 6 molded hands to keep track of. Seriously Bandai, you make much less expensive Gundams kits with articulated hands that look exactly like the VF-25 hands and are the same size. All they'd have to do is change the VF-25 wrist from a ball to a socket and a set of off the shelve Gundam hands could be plugged right in. It wouldn't even require a new mold.

Sabastian's picture
Posted by Sabastian on 30 June, 2011 - 20:23
This is based on DX YF-29, so...

You know what? All your complaints are answered on recently released DX YF-29. From what I saw on pictures and reviews out there, YF-29 has:
-Better-looking landing gears
-Assault knife stows in the shield
-No additional piece to attach gunpod in fighter mode
-Removable pilot figure. with two-seater option
-And, packed with articulated hands (but still include optional hands)
And this new VF-25 will be based on that YF-29 so yeah, I'm sold.

Also, this is entirely new toy. You can easily see that from drastically different proportion.

GTG's picture
Posted by GTG on 2 July, 2011 - 00:20
Okay, so I was wrong.

Yeah, since going on my rant here I checked into the recent YF-29 reviews and I find myself pleasantly silenced in the gripes department. Bandai really got their collective s**t together and upped the engineering 10 fold.

Just ordered a YF-29 and as long as the hands on matches expectations, I'll probably go ahead and pre-order the VF-25F v.2.0.

Fully expect to see the number of eBay listings for used VF-25's start going up. My VF-25F and possibly VF-25S armored may be finding their way there soon.

As much as I hope the Vf-25S gets the next v2.0 treatment, I can't wait for the VF-25G to get some redemption and be able to sit gear down in fighter mode with sniper rifle gloriously still attached.

Sabastian's picture
Posted by Sabastian on 13 July, 2011 - 18:54
I'm sold

I am so glad I held back on the old dx chogokin's now. This seems to fix all the problems they had, more articulation (You can tell from the picture there is a double joint in the elbow) actual heels so it can pull of gerwalk, and a slimmer jet.
Gonna have to save up though, it's expensive.

evaunit01's picture
Posted by evaunit01 on 2 July, 2011 - 21:51
I can't wait to see reviews -

I can't wait to see reviews - then maybe I'll get one.

Anyone have a review link for the new YF-29?

Mobe1969's picture
Posted by Mobe1969 on 15 July, 2011 - 19:52
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