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Ultra Act Ultraman Mebius Updated

The rookie hero from Ultraman's 40th anniversary TV show is coming to Ultra Act! Ultraman Mebius comes equipped with his Mebium Brace. He includes effects parts for his Mebium Shot and Mebium Blade. Coming October 2014 for 3,800 yen.

Bluefin Tamashii has given us information about the stateside release: 

Ultraman Mebius takes his place in the ULTRA-ACT family. By staying true to the proportions of the Ultraman Mebius from the series, it is possible to accurately portray a variety of scenes. Especially with the additional crossed arms and effect parts, you can recreate the iconic Mebium Shoot attack pose! Ultraman Mebius also comes with effect parts for the Mebium Blade and interchangeable hand parts (x2). Coming November 2014 for $37.99.




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Posted 12 July, 2014 - 17:32 by VF5SS
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