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U-LaQ Ultraman Series

LaQ is a building block style toy from Japan that uses interlocking plates to allow kids (and kids at heart) to create all kinds of cool things. They are teaming up with the popular superhero, Ultraman, to deliver a series of Ultra-themed building sets. These can be built as the advertised hero or kaiju and can also be rearranged however the user desires. Available sets include Ultraman (with Jet VTOL), Baltan-seijin, Zetton, Gomora, Eleking, and Metron-seijin. Each set will cost 2,000 yen. Coming August 2014.














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Posted 10 July, 2014 - 06:41 by VF5SS


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Neat, reminds me of Zaks. I

Neat, reminds me of Zaks. I wonder if I still have my zaks sack somewhere...

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Posted by Astronopolis on 10 July, 2014 - 08:34