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S.H. Figuarts Mega Man Zero (Rockman Zero) Updated

The hero from popular Game Boy Advance is coming to S.H. Figuarts. Mega Man Zero is highly articulated (even down to his trademark hair) and has his full initial arsenal consisting of the Buster Shot, Z-Saber, Triple Rod, Shield Boomerang, and hot pants. He also comes with an additional face part for more expressions. This figure is a Tamashii web exclusive. Coming October 2014 for 4,860 yen.

Zero will be coming to America thanks to Bluefin Tamashii. 

Joining S. H. Figuarts from the Mega Man Zero series comes the protagonist himself, Zero! S.H.Figuarts Zero comes with an array of iconic weapon accessories from the series. Pose Zero with the formidable Z-Saber, the laser pistol Buster Shot, or the lance-like Triple Rod! Set also includes a shield accessory for defense, as well as one interchangeable expression part and 3 additional hand parts.  A Tamashii Web Exclusive limited item for Asia, S.H.Figuarts Zero is being offered specially for fans in North America through Bluefin affiliated retailers. Coming November 2014 for $50.99.






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Posted 10 June, 2014 - 16:16 by VF5SS


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various definitions of "bitcH"

"The hero from popular Game Boy Advance is coming to S.H. Figuarts."
"This figure is a Tamashii web exclusive."

From "bitchin'" to "I'm gonna bitch" in zero point five seconds.

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Posted by TimF on 4 June, 2014 - 09:56
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