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During Marvel Comics' Messiah Complex story arc, Wolverine became leader of the new X-Force team, and got a wicked new costume as well. For the first time ever, the mutant hero's fearsome black and gray outfit, accented with piercing red eyes, has been created in the form of a high-end collectible. This is not simply a repaint, but an entirely new, highly-detailed, original sculpture.

Posed as though daring an enemy to make the first move, Wolverine turns to the side with his right arm raised up and the left pointed down. His claws, 2 1/3 inches long and made of real metal, are extended on both hands. As part of The Kotobukiya Collection of Fine Art Busts, Wolverine stands 9 inches tall, and is constructed of cold cast porcelain. Logan is sculpted by master artist Junnosuke Abe, and rests atop a specialized base decorated by a relief sculpture of Logan's civilian face.

Limited to only 500 pieces and only available at Kotobukiya's booth #2601, this bust's base features an individually serial numbered metal plate. To try to ensure that fans attending on different days of the convention will all have an opportunity to obtain this incredible sculpture, each day's sales will be limited as follows:

300pcs for Wednesday, July 22nd (preview night)
150pcs for Thursday, July 23rd
50pcs for Friday July 24th.

Purchases will be limited to only 2 busts per person, and is priced at only $80. With Wolverine's popularity, striking costume design, and low edition size, this bust is sure to be a highly sought after collectible.

X-Force Wolverine joins the Shunya Yamashita designed BLACK WIDOW BISHOUJO STATUE as part of Kotobukiya's SDCC exclusive line up. w

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We are looking forward to seeing all of our fans during Comic-Con July 22~26 at the San Diego Convention Center - Booth #2601!

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Posted 29 June, 2009 - 09:20 by JoshB