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Samurai Champloo 12 Inch Action Figures

Triad Toys, Inc., toy and collectibles manufacturer of unique properties
and licensed and proprietary products, announces a three year partnership
with Geneon Entertainment to produce toys and collectibles for the cult
classic anime Samurai Champloo (??????????, Samurai
Chanpur?). Samurai Champloo is a Japanese animated television series
consisting of twenty-six episodes that was originally broadcasted on the
television network, Fuji TV, and was later broadcasted on the Cartoon
Network’s Adult Swim in 2005. Samurai Champloo was created and directed
by the legendary Shinichiro Watanabe, whose previous work, Cowboy Bebop,
became a cult hit and has been a fan favorite in the anime and Japanese
television communities.

Triad Toys will develop new versions of its innovative Otaku™ 12 inch
action figure body for the various characters of Samurai Champloo. Triad
Toys’ license includes a range of 12 inch action figures and a series of
collectible scale statues and maquettes.

Full Product Details for Jin Here:

Full Product Details for Mugen Here:

Fuu is in development and will be previewed soon along with our new TX Series of statues.


About Geneon Entertainment

A leading supplier of Japanese animation in North America and the
recipient of the 2006 "Best Anime Company" by the Society for the
Promotion of Japanese Animation, GENEON ENTERTAINMENT (USA) INC., is a
subsidiary of Tokyo-based advertising giant Dentsu, Inc. Geneon
Entertainment primarily develops animation properties for release in North
America on DVD and new media.

About Triad Toys, Inc.

Since its inception in 2005, Triad Toys, Inc. has been a specialty
manufacturer of 12 inch action figures and collectible products. Formed by
a group of artists, Triad Toys’ dedication to innovation and quality
quickly earned its credibility among fans and collectors alike. Its
products reflect a passion for creating unique, well thought designs with
a quality unsurpassed by many. Triad Toys is headquartered in San Jose,
California, and remains one of the few toy and collectible companies that
continue to manufacture quality pieces in the United States. Triad Toys
products are available online at and through select
specialty retailers worldwide.

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Posted 27 June, 2008 - 20:04 by JoshB
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