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Godzilla Stomps Back into The Bal Theatre!

Godzilla Stomps Back into The Bal Theatre!

Bay Area Film Events returns to The Historic Bal Theatre in San Leandro, California, on Saturday June 28, 2014 to celebrate Godzilla's 60th anniversary in a big way. Back in 2004, for Godzilla's 50th anniversary, Bay Area Film Events put on the Big G's monster bash, GODZILLAFEST at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco. 20 films in 7 days, guests from LA and Japan, local horror hosts and more!
Since then BAFE has put on numerous events ranging from James Bond to The Beatles to Bruce Lee to The Munsters. They also put on a couple shows with the San Francisco Giants, honoring local television legend CREATURE FEATURES by showing NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (in 2009) and CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON (in 2010) on the scoreboard screen after Saturday night games.
For the last couple years, BAFE has been putting on annual Godzilla Nights at the Bal and this will be their 3rd event.
GODZILLA NIGHT 3 features the 1989 film GODZILLA VS. BIOLLANTE, a pivotal film which brought Koichi Kawakita in to handle special effects and launched Godzilla into the Heisei series of films in a big way through 1995.
Kicking off the evening will be funk/jazz band Big Pimp Jones of The Kodoja Project, playing a one-hour set featuring versions of music from the Godzilla film series.
Also on hand to honor the King of the Monsters will be author Steve Ryfle, who also produced content for numerous Godzilla DVD releases, and IDW Comics' Chris Mowry, writer for the Godzilla Rulers of Earth comic series.
Skyping in from New York, John Desentis will join the show to talk about his upcoming Akira Ifukube Tribute concert playing June 12 in Chicago as part of the G-Fest convention. Following an amazingly successful Kickstarter campaign, the Akira Ifukube event will feature a full symphony orchestra and pay tribute to the maestro whose music provided the backdrop for Godzilla and became synonymous with giant, rampaging Japanese beasts, as well as other science fiction and monster movies.
You can also meet Gary "Gaz" Gretsky at Godzilla Night. He'll have a table where you can buy his art or have him race Ultraman's warning light and do you a 3-minute kaiju sketch.

Gaz Gretsky, originally form New Jersey, currently lives in Santa Clara, California. Gaz is an artist for hire specializing in Comic Books, Illustration, and Animation, and Caricatures. His work ranges from CD Covers for a local bands to Spring Break commercials for MTV, to the animated Nickelodeon show Pinky Dinky Doo. His favorite things to draw are robots and monsters.
Bay Area Film Events also has a copy of the "Godzilla: Art of Destruction" book. As part of the show, the book will be given away to the person with the best Godzilla ringtone, so get your phones ready...

Kevin deAntonio of Bay Area Film Events and Kimono My House will return to provide a monstrous amount of Godzilla merchandise for sale in the lobby.
GODZILLA NIGHT also features displays, prize drawings and the return of The Great Godzilla Raffle. After an amazing success last year, the Great Godzilla Raffle returns again with more prizes this year. The best thing is that you do not need to be present at GODZILLA NIGHT or live in the San Francisco Bay Area to take part in it. Raffle tickets can be bought online, leading up to the event and prizes will be mailed out to the winners. Tickets will be drawn on stage at GODZILLA NIGHT and winners will be notified afterwards if they are not present at the event.
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Posted 24 June, 2014 - 14:09 by VF5SS