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Angolz News: Iron Man RE:Edit Marvel Now Black X Gold Series, Dragonball Girls Android No. 18 and more!

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The black Iron Man suit seen in the Marvel Comic Universe "Marvel Now!" is the next release from the RE:EDIT IRON MAN series! Know as the "BLACK × GOLD" version the trademark red cores are replicated by transparent parts, while the Chemical Attack designed articulation gimmicks will give this a wide range of motion. Item Height approx. 18cm.
The popular characters from the "TOY STORY" series are now united to form a robot!  A dream robot that mixes the technique and arrangement of the Chogokin series with the imagination of a child is born. Be sure to check out the Chogokin original story completely supervised by Pixar. Woody, Rex, Bullseye, Slinky Dog, and Hamm transform and combine to form the giant 9 inch tall Chogokin WOODY ROBO SHERIFF STAR! 
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From the popular anime series Girls und Panzer comes a 1/12th scale figure of the Ankou Team's tank, the Panzer IV Ausf. H upgraded into to its D-Spec - also known as the Mk.IV Special! The tank is fully assembled and also comes equipped with twin motors allowing it to drive it forward!
The model is based on the latest 3DCG data used in the Girls und Panzer movie, ensuring the proportions and details are all faithfully included. The turret can be rotated and the main battery can be moved up and down allowing the tank to take careful aim. Various hatches around the tank can also be manually opened and closed.
You can even easily display figma Miho Nishizumi and the other members of the Ankou Team riding inside the tank!
A new figure series, "S.H.MonsterArts Koukyoukyoku"!
In addition to the posing mechanism of S.H.MonsterArts, this lineup also comes with sounds and a light up gimmick. This model includes the sound effects of Godzilla's roar (x3 types), radiation beam, foosteps, and 2 BGMs: "Godzilla Title" and "Godzilla tai Tokushatai" (lit. "Godzilla VS special vehicle team"). When Godzilla shoots its radiation beam, its dorsal fins and mouth light up. 

Figma 304 Caster, Fate/Extra


1/8 Alpha x Omega Series, Relena Peacecraft, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing


Android No.18, Dragon Ball Gals


The Joker Mafex 032, Suicide Squad


Sakata Gintoki, Variable Action Heroes, Gintama


Figma EX-036 Guyver II F (Movie Color Ver.), Bio Booster Armor Guyver (Goodsmile Online Shop Limited)


Anime Heroes One Piece, Dressrosa Vol.3 Mini Big Head, Box of 15




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