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Logicoma from Ghost In The Shell Arise

The Logicoma is a precursor to the popular Tachikoma as seen in the prequel series Ghost in the Shell: Arise. It's a bit simpler and blockier but gets the job done. This Kotobukiya kit replicates the Logicoma as a 1/35 scale model. Features color molding and snapfit construction. An extensive joint system lets you extend the legs in different ways and it and extra folded out arms with claws. Also features an underside gun package and opening hatches. You even get in scale figure of Major Kusanagi and Chief Daisuke Aramaki. A third figure from the OVAs is also included. Coming September 2014 for 3,800 yen.















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Posted 22 May, 2014 - 07:01 by VF5SS


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