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Godzilla Storms Comic Shops!

Fans of the classic Godzilla films will enjoy the exclusive TOHO 12” Series Godzilla Vinyl Figure 1962 Ver. (Item Code: MAY142520, SRP: $160.00). This Godzilla figure represents the monster from his third motion picture when Godzilla fights the world famous monster, King Kong, in Japan. This 12” figure is slightly larger than the rest of the collection, and shows off the unique reptilian face, bulkiness, and coarse texture.



Also available for pre-order is the TOHO 12” Series Vinyl 1968 Ver. (Item Code: MAY142538, SRP: $160.00). The collectible features Godzilla from his twentieth picture where 11 Kaiju monsters form the Kaiju Army Corps that protects Earth from the space monster King Ghidorah. This collectible is rare as Godzilla is seen as a protector and hero instead of a cold blooded killer, which is evident in the facial expression of the figure.



Fans who want an opponent of Godzilla can pre-order the Toho 12” Series Herorah Vinyl Fig 1971 Ver. ( Item Code: MAY142539, SRP: $180.00). In 1970 Japan was attacked by smog monster Hedorah, who represented the rising problem of environmental pollution, in which Godzilla helped conquer. This psychedelic colored sludge beast is heavier than regular Godzilla figures, representing the fictional and realistic monsters that Japan has had to overcome.



“The 12” vinyl figures continue to be popular items among Godzilla fans, as they are more easily accessible through PREVIEWS and available for purchase at realistic prices, where before they originally only available in Japan at great expense to collectors,” said Diamond Brand Manager, Jesse Morgan. “Now, in collaboration with Bandai, Plex Co., Ltd., and X Plus Co., Ltd., Diamond Comic Distributors makes this fifth wave of releases available to North American retailers.”

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Posted 15 May, 2014 - 14:12 by VF5SS
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