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Guts-The Spinning Cannon Slice 2016 by Art of War

A message from ART OF WAR


"Our latest Berserk Figure "Guts- the Spinning Cannon Slice" was released on May 13th. This statue is from the battle scene in Berserk volume 35, Fantasia Arc, Elf Island Chapter. Guts is wearing the Berserk armor, and squatting on the bow of the Tentacle Ship, he stereoscopic bow makes this statue more powerful. The Berserk armor show that Guts has already lost his self-control. The framework of the hands of the tentacles extending like a magic looks dynamic in the base of Guts. It is the series of “Cannon Slice” where you are fully able to enjoy the reproduce work. The overwhelming volume of the tentacles and the guts itself can be felt in this product. The fresh blood is flowing from the tentacles feels the realism in the battle. You will be fascinated more by the movement of the cannon slice of Guts. The base part, the two bodies of the tentacles monsters is produced thoroughly. All the modeling of the parts such as the detail like eyes and mouth are done properly bringing the real feeling in the battle. From the open wound, there is a liquid flow of the vividly ominous blood bringing the image of the overwhelming movement of the Spinning cannon slice. Literally, looking from 360 degree and from all sides, you will be impressed with this art work. "

Guts- the Spinning Cannon Slice 2016-1/6 scale (Limited Edition I).........Approx. $1,289 Limited Edition II

Limited Edition I

Limited Edition II







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Posted 14 May, 2016 - 12:38 by VF5SS