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Gimix Series Macross Delta VF-31J Siegfried Hayate Immelmann Type

TomyTec's Gimix series is 1/144th scale pre-painted airplane kits that are easy to assemble. First up for their Macross Delta offerings is Hayate's VF-31J Siegfried. This is sold as either a Fighter mode kit or a Battroid mode kit. Purchasing both allows you to combine parts to form a Gerwalk. TomyTec is also offering a deluxe set of Fighter and Battroid mode. All three types are scheduled for release in August 2016. Fighter mode will cost 4,000 yen, Battroid mode will cost 4,200 yen, and the set of both will cost 8,200 yen.











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Posted 13 May, 2016 - 06:07 by VF5SS