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RX-80PR Pale Rider from Mobile Gundam Side Stories

The RX-80PR Pale Rider is from the chapter upcoming PS3 game "Mobile Suit Gundam Side Stories" called "Missing Link." In addition to featuring brand new entries in the Gundam universe, this game includes remakes of missions of several popular Gundam games like Zeonic Front and The Blue Destiny. The premium version of the game will come with a High Grade kit of the Pale Rider that has a metallic finish to its plastic. The Pale Rider comes with different sets of equipment to expand its armament. Both the normal and premium set are being released at the end of May 2014. The premium set with the Pale Rider will cost 14,893 yen.









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Posted 13 May, 2014 - 07:16 by VF5SS


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Very shiny with that metallic injection. I'm glad to see Bandai using it instead of the vacuum molded chrome. On the downside it can be some tough stuff to cut off the runner sometimes like on the Master Grade Exia 'Trans-Am.'

This is a very sleek GM/Gundam design, it has the look of a "Striker" and the "Blue Destiny," but it also looks like it borrows from the RX-78-4/5 series.

I'm really looking forward to its regular release though.

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Posted by Rob on 13 May, 2014 - 08:28
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