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Cup Noodle Curry with Mini Gundam Kits

In honor of Cup Noodle's 40th anniversary Bandai is once again teaming up with them to create the ultimate combination of instant dinner with a side of Gundam! These limited edition instant curry cups all come with a matching miniature Gundam model kit cast in clear plastic! They even modified the kits so that the little Gelgoog, Gundam, and Zaku are carrying a pot of hot water (for making the curry of course). Bandai is even doing a special mail-in contest where participants can win a special clear color version of the Master Grade RX-87-2 Gundam (based on the OYW version kit). These are set to go on sale May 27th, 2013.





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Posted 13 May, 2013 - 11:26 by VF5SS