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HGUC Zeta Plus Unicorn Version from Gundam Unicorn Updated

The Zeta Plus is getting a 1/144th scale model kit High Grade Universal Century line! This fan favorite Mobile Suit originated in the serialized novel, Gundam Sentinel, and is set to appear in the last episode of Gundam Unicorn. It is a refined version of the iconic Zeta Gundam and can also transform into a speedy aircraft mode. Like many of the smaller kits of transforming Mobile Suits, it will use parts swapping for this gimmick. Comes with shield, beam rifle, and beam sabers. Coming September 2014 for 2,400 yen.







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Posted 1 July, 2014 - 06:44 by VF5SS


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UC Color Version?

The "UC Color Version" is a surprise, but not. Sunrise has been throwing a lot more suits into the OAV of "UC" as they can.

It'll be a matter of time before we see it recolored and retooled into the C1 (Sentinel version) or A1 (Amuro's Karaba colors).

Either way, it's a great MS design along with the other new Gunpla announcements.

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Posted by Rob on 23 April, 2014 - 08:27
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