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Kotobukiya Bounty Hunters Group Photo

A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! The acclaimed series of Kotobukiya ARTFX Statues expands with the addition of the highest requested characters from the Star Wars universe: THE BOUNTY HUNTER SERIES!

From the darkest chapter of the saga, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Darth Vader has summoned mercenaries from across the galaxy to help him capture Han Solo, thereby luring Luke Skywalker into a deadly confrontation. Six of the fiercest hunters are assembled: Dengar, 4-LOM, Zuckass, Bossk, IG-88, and legendary BOBA FETT.

For the first time, Kotobukiya has released images of all the bounty hunters, stands and the Darth Vader statue connected!

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Posted 15 April, 2008 - 09:18 by JoshB
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