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Master Grade Gelgoog Cannon 2.0 from Mobile Suit Gundam Variation

The Gelgoog Cannon is a fan favorite variation on the already popular Gelgoog Zeon Mobile Suit. Bandai is releasing a Master Grade version of this design based on the Gelgoog 2.0 kit as a premium web ship exclusive. In addition to its signature should cannon and unique head design, this Gelgoog also has its three shot arm mounted rocket launcher, a small arm shield, the large Gelgoog unique shield, its beam rifle, and the iconic beam naginata. Coming July 2014 for 5,184 yen.










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Posted 14 April, 2014 - 05:48 by VF5SS


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Premium Exclusive Hurt

This looks good, and the Version 2.0 body is amazing! I like how it looks almost identical to the Zaku Cannon kit that came out a few years ago too.

I'm happy to see Bandai making more MSV models, but I'm getting tired of seeing them appearing as Premium Online Exclusives.

I can understand making some Mobile Suit Variations as exclusives, like the RX-78-1 Prototype Gundam or Dozle Zabi's Zaku, but not the suits that actually appeared in their respective series and had some weight to them like the Master Grades Tallgeese II, Banshee Norn, and the Astray Red Frame (not in its KAI form) which showed up as exclusives that cost twice the price of what they could have been had they been regular releases (that a certain CDX farming model maker ended up getting anyway).

While making Exclusive kits saves Bandai from producing too many models that wouldn't sell to more than the purists and die hard fans, their exclusive status is making them more expensive to the export/import dealers in the United States and hurt the builders.

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Posted by Rob on 14 April, 2014 - 10:35
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