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Fresh Monkey Fiction Amazing Heroes Retro Action Figures Kickstarter

Amazing Heroes are ready for Action...Captain Action!

Fresh Monkey Fiction announces Amazing Heroes and adds Captain Action to its line up of retro inspired action figures

Los Angeles, CA. (April 9, 2014) – Fresh Monkey Fiction introduces Amazing Heroes, including Captain Action. Look for a Kickstarter campaign launch in Summer 2014. 
"Transported to a strange world by a mysterious villain from beyond the stars, Earth's most "Amazing Heroes" try to defend themselves from their fiercest enemies as they fight a hidden battle that could annihilate the universe."

Fresh Monkey Fiction is proud to announce Amazing Heroes, its first series of 4.5" retro style action figures. Series 1 will include Classic Heroes:

Black Terror – “Golden Age Crime Fighter” 
Golden Age Dare-Devil – “Avenging Hero” 
Stardust – “The Super Wizard”
Captain Action – “The Original Super Hero Action Figure”

Additional surprise characters will also be revealed in the coming weeks. 

"With The Amazing Heroes line we hope to invoke a bit of vintage nostalgia as we play homage to the mid '80s super hero toy lines that many of us grew up with," says Bill Murphy, Founder of Fresh Monkey Fiction. "Fresh Monkey Fiction is incredibly excited to be working alongside Captain Action Enterprises to bring one of our favorite characters, Captain Action, into this new scale." 

This will be the first time that many of these classic heroes have been released in an action figure format. "It's an action figure line created by fans for fans, and our hope is that fans of these classic characters will help make it a reality," says Murphy. 

Specifics about the Kickstarter campaign will be released early this summer. 

You can read more about the adventures of these Amazing Heroes and get sneak previews by signing up for Fresh Monkey Fiction’s newsletter.

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About Fresh Monkey Fiction
Fresh Monkey Fiction, LLC is dedicated to telling stories through art and design. We’re building a business model around leveraging the power of Kickstarter to bring great products to the collector. Our motto is “If you support it, we will make it”. Our goal is to create amazing collectibles that encourage fans to explore the depths of their imagination and tell great stories. If we can bring a little bit of playful imagination to someone's day, we've done our job. Discover your imagination at

About Captain Action Enterprises 
As Retropreneurs, Captain Action Enterprises, LLC specializes in taking old properties and rejuvenating them for a new generation. Captain Action’s appears in an on-going comic book series, lithographs, statues, action figures, T-shirts, model kits and more. Additional properties include Captain Action Cat, the Zeroids and Savage Beauty. For additional information, please contact Ed Catto at

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Posted 10 April, 2014 - 14:30 by VF5SS


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Black Terror?! Stardust?! I

Black Terror?! Stardust?!
I am severely tempted. I'll keep my eye out for the kickstarter!

TimF's picture
Posted by TimF on 10 April, 2014 - 15:42
Extremely cool

I'm guessing that "Hero of the Red Planet" is John Carter and "Enhanced Hero" is Doc Savage. If this works out, I'd love to see book-accurate Lensman figures.

atom smasher's picture
Posted by atom smasher on 10 April, 2014 - 16:17
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