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NYTF2017: Bandai


There weren’t as many new announcements from Bandai as expected considering the new upcoming MMPR movie but still a good deal of stuff was shown.

For the movie, a few new figures were shown along with a legacy helmet and light up power coins. A large command center playset was also shown but no photos were allowed.









The Legacy line has also done well, with an upcoming line of metallic MMPR figures that will include their weapons but no zord builder parts and painted prototypes of the Zeo Rangers were also shown off.











A new set of gold Legacy coins was also shown off, along with the black Legacy Titanus and Power Sword.





The largest item shown was the Ninja Steel Lion Fire Fortress Zord, which definitely gives Fort Max a run for its money.









The rest of the Ninja Steel stuff I’m not too familiar with, but it doesn't’ seem like the hamburger morpher thing is getting adapted for the US release.















A big surprised was the new Dragon Ball Dragon Stars figures, similar to the Legacy line with a build-a-figure Shenron.  











One very surprising thing was that apparently Bandai America is bringing over many gashapon and prize figures separately of Bluefin.












Please check the full album for 141 images of the Bandai showroom from Toy fair.

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Posted 9 March, 2017 - 19:35 by siningy