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NYTF2017: Bluefin Tamashii Nations

Bluefin didn't have too many new items to reveal this year at Toy Fair, but their large showroom displayed a huge variety of figures from various brands which seems to indicate the US market really does matter to Bandai now. Theres over a hundred images in the gallery, so please check that out but I'll post a few noteworthy pictures below. 

Their seems to be a huge push for Storm Collectibles Street Fighter figures, the aptly named "Hot Ryu" was my favorite


[G2:872348 size=640]


Many people walking by the booth seemed to forget lil ol' Stevie Stranges name, simply shouting "Hey its that guy!"

[G2:872411 size=427]

The 66 Action Mega Man figures were looking like the best Mega Man figures to date honestly, and really nail the look of the characters.


[G2:872438 size=640]

[G2:872441 size=640]

[G2:872444 size=640]

There was a huge push for Gundam models and figures, though I don't believe anything new was actually shown off. 



[G2:872471 size=427]

While it seems like the wrestling SHFs didn't do too well in Japan, I did overhear that they sold incredibly well in the US. 

[G2:872486 size=427]

[G2:872492 size=427]

A small display also showe the exclusives for sale for the Tamashii World Tour, which will stop at NYC at the end of April. 


Both the upcoming Napa and Vegeta SHFs were also shown, though have since open for preorder. 

[G2:872585 size=427]

[G2:872579 size=427]

Shredder from the fantastic TMNT line was also shown, though I believe he's been shown off before. 


Perhaps the only actual new announcement was the reveal of SHF Cammy from Street Fighter. A lot of requests were made for a close up of the butt. 


Go here for the full gallery with 125 images!

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Posted 7 March, 2017 - 22:54 by siningy