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NY- Comic-Con returns to New York April 18-20th and once again Mezco will be thrilling collectors with an offering of collectibles exclusive to the event.

Sure to excite East Coast collectors, Mezco will be offering notorious B.I.G. aka Christopher G. Wallace. He's an all-time great; an unparalleled storyteller, and a man whose talent can only be compared to the size of his legend. The Notorious B.I.G. action figure stands 9" tall and will captivate Biggie fans of all shapes and sizes. This exclusive version of Biggie is decked out in the outfit he rocked in his Juicy video, an authentically reproduced yellow basketball jersey. Includes removable towel, gold chain, sunglasses, and microphone. This is a limited edition figure with only 2000 produced worldwide.

Fresh from scenic Camp Crystal Lake, the twisted minds of Mezco have outdone themselves with this new Stylized Jason figure variant. Like the regular edition, this 10 inch tall terror has a removable trademark hockey mask, a gruesome severed head, three camper killing weapons (machete, ax, spear), real cloth clothing, and fourteen points of articulation. What makes this variant unique is his “fresh from the grave” moldering skin tone, his dark brown pants, and his uniquely battle damaged mask from “Freddy VS Jason”.

Both figures will be Available at NY Comic Con (4/18-20, 2008) and at, while supplies last.

About Mezco:

Mezco Toyz is a toy company unlike any other. Mezco combines humour and horror, with action and adventure to produce the most sought after collectibles and toys on this or any planet. Mezco Toyz is an experienced developer and manufacturer of action-figures, toys and collectibles and has created figures for such high-profile licenses as Heroes, The Spirit, Hellboy 2, Hellboy 1, Cinema Of Fear, Family Guy, South Park, Animal House, Blues Brothers, Scarface, Under Dog, King Kong, The Goonies, and Edward Scissorhands among others. Learn more at .

About New York Comic Con:

New York Comic Con (April 18-20 in the Jacob Javits Center) is the East Coast's biggest and most exciting popular culture event. An enormous show floor plays host to top entertainment industry leaders showcasing the latest and greatest in comics, graphic novels, anime, manga, video games, toys, movies, television, and more. New York Comic Con gives attendees access to top entertainment industry talent, panels, and autograph sessions as well as sneak peaks and at upcoming television shows and motion pictures. And with dedicated professional hours, New York Comic Con is a market, bringing together the major players in the worlds of comics, film, and television. New York Comic Con is the biggest popular culture event on the East Coast and the only one that puts attendees and professionals in the core of pop culture, media, and licensing in the most exciting city in the US -- the birth place of comics -- Gotham City. Further information can be found at .

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Posted 23 March, 2008 - 10:32 by JoshB


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I hate to say it but most

I hate to say it but most Mezco products are poorly made, just adequately sculpted and for the most part uninspired.. they just keep making the same old..sad...stuff.... Come on Mezco how about a Alien, Jason, Freddie, F 13th, Dead Doll set of Pez heads... I don't think they've don that yet.... though I'm surprised they haven't....

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Posted by attom40 on 29 March, 2008 - 12:41
Or how about hip hop figures that DON'T suck?

I've seen some of Mezco's movie/horror stuff...and it's seemed okay, I guess. The big Kong figure seems pretty cool.

But I picked up their Chuck D figure recently...WOW...what a disappointment. First of all, I'm a HUGE PE fan. Been listening to them for almost 20 years now. Far and away my favorite hip hop group of all time. When I heard there was going to be a cool, stylized figure of Chuck and Flav, I flipped!

I was fully intending to review the Chuck D figure for CDX...but once I opened the packaging, it felt like getting hit in the chest with a freight train. First of all, the bizarre ankle joints were way too weak to support the figure, so it was next to impossible to get it to balance without some sort of stand. But that's just a minor annoyance. The real crime was the face sculpt.

What the F* were they thinking!? It's like the sculptor had never seen a picture Chuck D before. The face is like "generic black man". With the hat accessory down low over his eyes and with the brim obscuring most of his face, it's sorta passable at a distance, but up close, it's unconscionable. Without the "Public Enemy" gear, there'd be NO way for anyone to tell that this was a figure of Chuck D.

In disgust, I threw the figure away.

The Biggie figure is only marginally better. There's no way I'm getting it, though. Oh, and isn't it freakin' weird that in the press release, they repeatedly refer to Biggie in the present tense??? Am I the only one just a little perturbed at the fact that they don't seem to be acknowledging that he was all???


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Posted by Sanjeev on 29 March, 2008 - 15:47
"He's" can be short for "he

"He's" can be short for "he was", can't it?

Wow, so you flat out threw that Chuck D away, huh? I remember how disappointing it was when you got it, but didn't know you "chucked" it, pun totally 100% intended....

I used to have some of the Mezco Silent Screamers and while I liked them initially, ultimately I ended up selling them (along with a bunch of McFarlane Movie Maniacs) for about a dollar each. I thought the Graf Orlok was the only one that was ok and that one broke on me. Never did get "Maria" though and I think that may have been the best of the bunch.

"This must be settled the way nature intended....with a vicious, bloody fight!"
Onyx Blackman
Principal, Flatpoint High

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Posted by NekroDave on 29 March, 2008 - 16:55