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Iron Legions Mech Toys on Kickstarter

Iron Legions is a set of collectible toy mechs! Construct the Orthrus & Paladin mechs and lead your forces to victory!

Iron Legions

Iron Legions is a series of highly detailed constructible mech toys. Each mech has its own unique design with a set of weapon attachments and articulated ball joints. Besides constructing each unit on its own, the pieces are interchangeable. You can equip different weapons and addons between units for customization. Construct and conquer! 

I have been working on this project for some time in both 3d modeling and using 3d printing to prototype and now it is ready to advance to the next step.

The Mechs

Our first two Iron Legions mechs are the Systems Ordinance League(SOL) Orthrus artillery quadruped and the United Aegis Federation Paladin mech. I designed the factions different with the SOL having more western style mechs while the Aegis have more eastern influenced humanoid mecha designs.

Note: The pictures are rough 3d printed prototypes, the final version will be made with smooth ABS plastic.

3d printed Orthrus Mech no color3d printed Orthrus Mech no color
Paladin MechPaladin Mech
Paladin BacksidePaladin Backside
Orthrus MechOrthrus Mech
Orthrus backsideOrthrus backside
Paladin Machinegun VersionPaladin Machinegun Version
Size comparison with a quarterSize comparison with a quarter

The mechs have interchangeable minor weapons where the Orthrus machine guns and the Paladin railguns on its shield can be swapped. The Orthrus heavy cannons can also be equipped on the Paladin by replacing its wings.

Paladin equipped with Orthrus cannonsPaladin equipped with Orthrus cannons

Get involved with the design!

There are several color options available for the units and I want your input to decide on which color scheme to use for the final design!

Orthrus Color VariantsOrthrus Color Variants
Paladin Color VariantsPaladin Color Variants

Also for the Paladin mech, you will be given the opportunity to decide on the arm design! Do you prefer gatling gun cannons or handgrips for the arms?

Each kit comes with...

  • Mech unit, prepainted and unassembled
  • Assembly instructions & unit lore background

Costs & Production

The factory I am working with has extensive experience in the toy industry for various companies in the past, particularly Bandai Japan, Disney and Time Warner. The toys will be manufactured in ABS injected plastic with steel molds. This will help retain consistency and quality with the various parts. 

To achieve this goal, I am aiming at $47,000. 

Here is the breakdown of the costs involved...

  • Steel Molds: $18,800
  • Manufacturing: $13,200
  • Freight on Board: $3,000
  • Quality Control & Testing: $3,000
  • Harmonized Tariff: $1,200
  • Ocean Freight: $300
  • US Shipping + Specials: $3,500
  • Kickstarter & Amazon Fee: $4,000


Stretch Goals

Here are some specials if we hit the following stretch goals!

Goliath Tank FrontGoliath Tank Front
Goliath Tank BackGoliath Tank Back
Combination with Goliath and Orthrus partsCombination with Goliath and Orthrus parts
Spectre UndersideSpectre Underside
Spectre Landing PoseSpectre Landing Pose

Delivery Date

Expected Timeframe 4-5 months (105-127 days)

  • Design Poll (color & Paladin arms): 7-10 days
  • Preproduction (finalizing samples with factories & making the steel molds): 35-25 days
  • Manufacturing: 35-40 days
  • Quality Control: 10 days
  • Transportation Overseas: 25-30 days
  • Unloading & Warehousing: 5 days
  • Shipping to you: 3-7 days

Follow Us!

Check for updates on our Iron Legions facebook page and twitter!



Risks and challengesLearn about accountability on Kickstarter


The biggest risk is factory production delay and shipping delays. Fortunately, the factory we are working with is a veteran in this industry. The shipping delay will only occur if the production is delayed or weather issues (also if you are an international backer, expect shipping to be longer). The company I will be working with on the supply chain has been doing importing for over 25 years.

The other potential risk is safety testing. To ensure this doesn't present a problem I will have toys tested by Intertech even before the mechs cross the ocean.

If any of these problems should occur, I will inform you as soon as possible.

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